Huckaby's Fables
  Huckaby's Fables
& other likely stories

by Gerald Huckaby

Published by Cherry Lane Books, Port Chester, New York.
Copyright 1981 Gerald Huckaby. All rights reserved.

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     Have you ever thought that your car was driving you, and not the other way around? Have you ever been alienated from your left hand? Have you ever falled out of bed in the morning? Felt uneasy around cut flowers?

     HUCKABY'S FABLES (& other likely stories) will tell you why. These are very practical tales with perfectly logical explanations and useful advice about the ordinary garden-variety madness you see around you every day - in your garden, among your animal friends, in your own family, and in yourself.

     Say your mother is a traffic light and you get to see her twice a day when you're driven to and from work. Say you're a bit of a slug and meet an attractive sluggess. Say you're as suspicious as a fox about the sour grape syndrome. Well, Huckaby has the answers.

     In HUCKABY'S FABLES elephants talk to herring, middle-aged oak trees find love in unlikely places, animal cookies turn vicious, ghosts get spooked, dromedaries are biographically paranoid - a phrase turns an unexpected corner, and all things upside down and backwards come out somehow making perfectly good sentence-sense.

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