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Reviews, ratings and criticism of the television series
"Star Trek: The Next Generation"

Season I: Episodes 1 through 12

by Mary Pjerrou

copyright Mary Pjerrou 1996

1. Enounter at Farpoint

2. Naked Now

3. Code of Honor

4. Haven

5. Where No One Has Gone Before

6. The Last Outpost

7. Lonely Among Us

8. Justice

9. The Battle

10. Hide and Q

11. Too Short A Season

12. The Big Goodbye

13. Datalore

14. Angel One

15. 11001001

16. Home Soil

17. When the Bough Breaks

18. Coming of Age

19. Heart of Glory

20. Arsenal of Freedom

21. Skin of Evil

22. Symbiosis

23. We'll Always Have Paris

24. Conspiracy

25. Neutral Zone

Season 1 End Notes

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The reviews and criticism of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" at this website is excerpted from an unpublished manuscript, entitled "Star Trek: The Tergiversation," by Mary Pjerrou, which covers the first five seasons of the series (125 episodes) . The episodes are reviewed both for their entertainment value and their philosophical content..

Acknowledgements: Portions of the introduction were first published in A&E Magazine (Mendocino, California, September 1994). The episode numbers and some of the screen credits for "Star Trek: The Next Generation" are taken from "The Star Trek: the Next Generation Companion," by Larry Nemecek, a rich and well-organized compendium of "Star Trek: TNG" facts.

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