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The redwood forest is in your hands.
The redwood forest is in your hands.

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You think it's time to WEAKEN local environmental laws? Uh-uh! San Franciscans, take note! The Forest Stewardship Council strikes again!

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is lobbying the City of San Francisco to WEAKEN the City's ban on the use of wood from extremely endangered tropical forests. You won't believe the argument they're using - that, in order to NOT use arsenic-laced wood for pier pilings in San Francisco's ports, the City MUST use wood from virgin forests in the Amazon!

The Forest Stewardship Council are the folks who brought us bought-and-paid for "green" certification and private (as opposed to public, i.e., lawful) review of corporate logging plans - for the Mendocino Redwood Company (MRC), the investment of the Fisher family of the Gap clothing empire, which is clear-cutting and using pesticides in ancient redwood forests in Mendocino.

Click here for our full, downloadable and printable flyer on the Forest Stewardship Council and San Francisco's "dilemma": poison the fish and the people with arsenic vs. destroy the last virgin forests on earth...

Why are we boycotting the Gap?
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Latest news - Fisher logging plans
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Join the Reclaim-the-Commons Biotech/G8 Mobilization!

San Francisco, CA: June 3--9, 2004

Stop the War! Promote racial justice! Save the earth! Help create a sustainable future!

Click here for more information: http://www.reclaimthecommons.net

The closest thing we may ever have to a global summit in San Francisco is happening in June when the biotech and pharmaceutical industries descend upon the city for their annual drug, pesticide, & poison fest. We never thought they'd come to SF, but they are--which gives us an unparalleled opportunity to spotlight the greed and insanity of their war on nature, and to "connect the dots" to other wars--the wars on the poor, the sick, people of color, workers, women, Iraqis, Afghans, Haitians, Palestinians, Venezuelans, and the people of all developing countries, and the war against democracy being waged by multinational corporations everywhere on earth including the USA.

Greenwood Earth Alliance & Save the Redwoods/Boycott the Gap are among the co-sponsors of this Mobilization.

How corporations hide abuses of people and the environment behind a snowstorm of paper and public relations!

San Francisco Chronicle
901 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

May 20, 2004

Dear Editor:

While the new labor report by Gap Inc. (SF Chronicle 5/13/04) reveals pervasive labor abuses at Gap's 3,009 sweatshops worldwide--an unusual disclosure--Gap Inc. fails to offer reparations for decades of labor profiteering which has seriously harmed thousands of workers. Nor, of course, does Gap Inc. suggest public oversight and control, and strong enforceable international labor law--measures likely to insure fairness and justice in the world's workplaces.

As with another recent story in the news--the torturing prisoners in Iraq--we're told "we're sorry" and "we're correcting all those abuses now."

The Gap and its ruling family, the Fishers, have long been committed to "privatizing" public issues and resources, and excluding the public from any real control over corporate behavior.

In Mendocino County, efforts to save water resources, trees, and endangered fish and birds on Fisher forest lands have been frustrated, as more and more information about Fisher logging has disappeared behind a curtain of "privatization." The public has essentially lost its right to control corporate logging, as the result of actions by the Fisher family.

In the global arena, another private entity, the World Trade Organization, set world labor policy in secret, led again by the Fishers, who have also been active in "privatizing" public education, parks and media.

With "privatization," corporations can hide abuse under a snowstorm of paper and public relations. Reforms are often cosmetic and always subject to reversal.

The only way to stop corporate crime in the workplace, in the forest, and in the U.S. military is by reasserting democratic oversight and control over vital public matters. It is not going to be stopped by "reports."

For further information, go to http://www.reclaimthecommons.net.

Mary Pjerrou
Greenwood Earth Alliance
Elk, CA


Gap sweatshop information:

Gap labor report: http://www.gapinc.com

San Francisco Chronicle article:

11/17/2003 Update:
NEW Reuters photos: We'd rather wear nothing than wear Gap!
Miami Beach, November 17, 2003!

11/15/2003 Update: New Orleans (11/15) protest time changed to 5:00 p.m. Tallahassee (11/16) protest time changed to 3:00 p.m. Miami Beach time unchanged. See below.

11/14/2003 Update: Austin protest cancelled due to another vehicle failure. The road show still goes on!

11/12/2003: Update: Tucson protest cancelled due to vehicle failure. The road show goes on!

Click here to view BBC video

(RealPlayer needed)

New York: Old growth redwood logged by the Fishers of the Gap, photo by Reuters

The Gapatistas Ride Again!

Join Us on Our Cross-Country Road Show Nov. 11-17
to Protest Corporate Injustice, War, and
Environmental Destruction
heading to the FTAA in Miami (Nov 17-21)

***We'd Rather Wear Nothing Than Wear Gap!***

The GAPATISTAS will be holding protests at Gap stores in seven cities across the south, Nov. 11-17, en route to the mass protests against the FREE TRADE AREA OF THE AMERICAS (FTAA) in Miami, Nov 17-21, where up to 100,000 protestors are expected to converge. Come join us along the way--for Redwoods & Workers Rights, for Global Justice and Global Ecology!

Los Angeles Nov. 11! Tucson Nov. 12! (Tucson protest cancelled) El Paso Nov. 13! Austin Nov. 14! (Austin protest cancelled) New Orleans Nov. 15! Tallahassee Nov. 16! Miami Beach Nov. 17!

(See below for schedule of Road Show locations and times, all-purpose poster, song sheet and FTAA-Miami information web sites.)

Our FTAA/Gap action in each city will start with a march featuring a 200-year-old giant redwood stump-logged by the Fishers of the Gap-to the entrance of a Gap store. A mini FTAA & LOCAL ISSUES TEACH-IN will start things off, using the beautiful, tragic, 5.5 foot wide redwood stump as a stage.

Speakers will alternate with GREAT SONGS and RADICAL CHEERS, all building to the CLIMACTIC MOMENT when we STRIP for JUSTICE IN FOREST, FIELD, & FACTORY! We will round off the action with leafleting and one-on-one. Bring drums, noise-makers, and outlandish underwear!!!

WHY THE GAP? Gap Inc. is a paradigm of transnational exploitation and the debacle of corporate economic globalization...

...from the Devastation of the Aral Sea to the Ruination of the Redwoods! From the exploitation of cotton-workers in Uzbekistan to needle-workers in sweatshops throughout the global south! From union-busting in maquiladoras, to union-busting on US docks...

...whether it's advising the President to create lethal global trade policies, coercing the City of San Francisco to slash business taxes by 5/6th, or engaging in sweetheart deals for $18 million in public subsidies! Whether blocking a living wage for city workers, or privatizing national parks, public schools, and public television....

...whether it's applying for a "License to Kill Endangered Species" or manipulating the courts to avoid public accountability for forest destruction-THE GAP AND ITS RULING FAMILY ARE THERE, using their financial and political clout to squeeze every last dime out of our forests, our communities, our planet, and out of workers' and taxpayers' pockets.

Gap customers, think where your consumer dollars are going! Boycott the Gap and other corporate criminals! Shop local! Shop fair trade and green!

Americans, think what corporate greed is doing to our democracy and to the world! All life on earth is now at risk from unfair, unwise, unscrupulous global trade. We must find a better way!

To speak at any of these events or for more information, please contact: (office) 415-731-7924 (office), (cell Nov 10-26) 415-509-1188 or chalicenew@earthlink.net . Coordination office: 707-877-3405. Check back at http://www.gapsucks.org for updates on the Road Show.

See below for times, dates, and locations of each action!

For People & Planet:: Stop the Free Trade Area of the Americas!!!

Gapatista Road Show Events:
(all events at 12 noon, except Miami Beach at 2:00 pm)
(Schedule subject to change. Check back here!)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Tues., Nov. 11, at 12:00 noon
The Gap, 6830 Hollywood Blvd. (near Highland); assemble at Las Palmas & Hollywood Blvd.

TUCSON, ARIZONA: Wed., Nov. 12, at 12:00 noon
Tucson Mall (parking lot main entrance), 4500 N. Oracle Rd.

Tucson protest cancelled

EL PASO, TEXAS: Thurs., Nov 13, at 12:00 noon
Cielo Vista Mall (parking lot main entrance), 8401 Gateway West Blvd.

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Fri, Nov 14, at 12:00 noon
South Central S/C (parking lot main entrance), 4001 N. Lamar

Austin protest cancelled

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA: Sat., Nov. 15, at **5:00 PM** (TIME CHANGED!)
1 Poydras St., Riverwalk Marketplace (main entrance)

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA: Sun., Nov. 16, at **3:00 PM** (TIME CHANGED!)
**Old Navy**, 1565 Governors Square Blvd. (across from Governors Square Mall)

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA: Mon., Nov. 17, at **2:00 pm**
The Gap, 673 Collins Ave. (at 7th Street.); assemble around the corner at Ocean Ct. near 7th

Notes: At the malls, we'll assemble on the public sidewalk at the perimeter of the main entrance to the parking lot. At Gap stores that front on public streets, we'll assemble around a nearby corner for our march to the entrance of the store-either meet us at the assembly point or at the action site. Check this web site (http://www.gapsucks.org) before the action for any last minute changes!

For Global Peace, Democracy, Ecology, & Justice: End Corporate Rule!!!

To plug into the Miami Mobilization to Stop the FTAA:
Florida Fair Trade Coalition: http://www.flfairtrade.org
FTAA Resistance: http://www.ftaaresistance.org
Indymedia Center: http://www.ftaaimc.org
Stop the FTAA: http://stopftaa.org
The Root Cause: http://www.therootcause.org
Free Carnival Area of the Americas: http://www.mediamouse.org/fcaa/index.php

To learn about the devastating effects of "free trade" policies and corporate globalization:
International Forum on Globalization: http://www.ifg.org
Council of Canadians: http://www.canadians.org
Public Citizen: http://www.citizen.org
Food First: http://www.foodfirst.org
Global Exchange: http://www.globalexchange.org

Click to download PDF File:
7 Cities: Gaptatista Road Show to Miami

Poster updated 11/15/03 with new protest times for New Orleans (5 p.m.) and Tallahassee (3 p.m.)
Click to download PDF File:
Sing Along with the Gapatistas

Activistas se desnudarán en la tienda Gap de New Orleans, Tallahassee, y Miami Beach en ruta a Miami y las juntas del ALCA.

Gapatistas in Calgary, Canada

Bay Area Action Schools Group, Palo Alto, CA, photo by Jose Antonio Vargas

The new PSA video -- mock Gap ad
2003 Festival of Resistance to Gap/Fisher Stupidity
Rainforest Action Network Statement on the Fishers' phony "green label"




Fisher clear-cut in the Albion River in 2001. The center photo (the clear-cut) was taken by experienced aerial photographer Nick Wilson after the Fishers logged Timber Harvest Plan 1-00-006 MEN. It is an actual photo of the current conditions. The photos on the left and right sides were deliberately altered by us to show what the forest looked like before the clearcut, and what might happen next (i.e. housing developments). Sixty percent of the Fishers' 2001 logging plans contained these kind of clear-cuts, which they deceptively call "variable retention." What could be the purpose of all this clear-cutting of already extremely depleted forests?

Click here for the latest SRBG Newsletter postings
No "license to kill" for Gap/Fisher forests!
[ click here for more info ]

No development in Willow Creek!
Stop Fisher rip-off of public funds!
[ click here for more info ]

International Week of Action Against Gap! - Sept. 20 - 28, 2003

Register your own Gap Protest NOW!

GAP shopper? Give the Fishers a piece of your mind!

Home builder? Demand that Home Depot stop selling Fisher redwood!

Environmental supporter? Protest 'Big Green' support of Fisher logging.

Gap Action at the G8 Summit

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, June 25, 2002. Click here for full story!

Fishers apply for permit to kill endangered species

The Fishers have now applied for a federal permit to kill endangered species on over 200,000 acres of overlogged redwood forest, where endangered birds and fish are already facing extinction.

The deadline for public comment on the Fisher "license to kill endangered species" is July 18, 2001. This license to kill is euphemistically called an "incidental take" permit, or a "Habitat Conservation Plan" (HCP). In short, it is an exemption from the Endangered Species Act (something every "green" forester should have in his back pocket!).

Fax comments on the Mendocino Redwood Company (Fisher) "incidental take" permit (or HCP) to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, fax (707) 822-8411, John Hunter, USFWL, 1655 Heindon Road, Arcata, CA 95521, tel. (707) 822-7201. To read the official Federal Register notice, go to: [Federal Register: June 6, 2002 (Volume 67, Number 109)] [Notices] [Page 38932-38934] [From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access [wais.access.gpo.gov]] , or CLICK HERE.

"Public scoping" meetings on the Fisher HCP are scheduled for 7-9 p.m., on June 25 in Santa Rosa (50 D St.), June 26 in Ukiah (200 So. School St.), and June 27 in Fort Bragg 363 No. Main St.) Forest activists will meet the press at 6 p.m. in Santa Rosa, June 25, at 50 D St.

This Fisher application for a "license to kill endangered species" was sudden and shocking. Currently, they cannot legally kill any identified endangered species. With their HCP, that prohibition will be waived--permitting them to liquidate much of the remaining forest in Mendocino. Combined with their plan to convert forests to housing development in Willow Creek (in Sonoma) at taxpayers' expense, our direst warnings and fears about the Fishers' true intentions for these forests are coming true. They plan to liquidate much of this 235,000 acre redwood forest and convert forests to development. The Mendocino Redwood Company is an investment of the Fisher family of Gap, Inc. The Fishers control the logging company; they are also founders, board members and major shareholders of Gap, Inc.

We will be posting a letter writing page (to various agencies) ASAP. CHECK THIS WEB PAGE in the coming weeks for further information and alerts.

Government info.: (707) 822-7201, or 575-6089. Forest protection info.: (707) 877-3405

"From the redwood forest to the New York island..."
Fisher old growth stump goes on cross-country tour to 5th Avenue Gap in NYC.

Activists from the group 'Save the Redwoods/Boycott the Gap Campaign' roll the stump of a Redwood tree to their protest outside a Gap store on New York's Fifth Avenue as New York City police officers look on, during the meeting of the World Economic Forum, February 1, 2002. The group claims the Fisher family, which owns the Gap, also logs Redwood forests. (Brian Snyder/Reuters)

Forest activists Rio Russell and Mark Hilovsky, and Mary Bull (not shown) drove this 200 year old redwood stump, logged by the Fishers, 3,000 miles across the nation to New York for a logging protest at the 5th Avenue Gap and to the World Economic Forum march.

Click here for full story!

Rainforest Action Network calls for Fisher wildlife refuge and blasts phony FSC "green label" on Fisher logging.
Click here for RAN Statement
The New York Times News Gap: Working Assets Article.
Click here

Latest News - Gap Protests
Latest News - Fisher Forest Destruction

Status of the Campaign

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Union-of-Concerned-Santas Press Release

Gap Holiday Campaign 2000 + Progress Report
The Gap Fishers' Phony
Green-Label Certification
Rainforest Action Network Statement
New York Times Letter/Notes
Press Release
Talking Points
Opinion Piece/Letters to the Editor
"Certification" Document

Gap Boycott Holiday Action
Holiday Poster 1
(write in your own action)
Holiday Poster 2
(no space for action)
Sweatshop Carols
Alternative Shopping Guide
and Leaflet

Boycott Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy this Holiday Season!!!
Buy Nothing Day (Nov 24) and Solidarity Actions
CLOSE THE GAP! Vigil at GAP Headquarters ends in victory!
New York Times Ad Targeting Fisher Deforestation!


1998 clearcut in the Albion River,
one of many Fisher logging plans
1998 clearcut near Flynn Creek
(Navarro River), also one of many

Protesters roll Fisher family redwood stump
to the door of the Gap! (BBC coverage)
The Fisher family of the Gap clothing store empire (including Banana Republic and Old Navy Stores) is destroying the last of the ancient redwood forest in our area, and is driving endangered species to extinction, including the Coho Salmon, the steelhead trout, the marbled murelet and the spotted owl.

The Save the Redwoods-Boycott the Gap* Campaign was created by northern California forest activists and members of the Greenwood Watershed Association, a community environmental group in Elk, California. The purpose of the Save the Redwoods-Boycott the Gap* Campaign is to inform Gap customers about Fisher logging and to convince the Fishers to place all of their damaged redwood forests into a conservation land trust.

Many organizations such as Rainforest Action Network and Forests Forever have joined us in asking the Fishers to place this ravaged forest land into a conservation land trust.
At this site you can browse photos and news articles of some of the hundreds of creative protests that have occured at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy stores in San Francisco, across the nation, and in Europe. To join in these demonstrations or organize your own, call the Save the Redwoods-Boycott the Gap* Campaign at (415) 731-7924 or e-mail chalicenew@earthlink.net. To sign our petition to the Fishers online, or download a blank petition and help circulate it, click here. To find out other ways you can help save the redwoods, click here.

At this site you can also learn the facts about Fisher family logging, their destruction of old growth, the Albion tree sit, the history of Fisher logging, our protests of the WTO in Seattle and of the World Bank in Washington D.C., and the Gap's use of sweatshop labor.

The Greenwood Watershed Association and other groups just won a major court victory stopping four of the numerous Fisher logging plans. To make a tax deductible donation to our logging lawsuits and public education efforts, contact Greenwood Watershed Association, P.O. Box 90, Elk, CA 95432. For more information call (707) 877-3405 or e-mail pirohuck@mcn.org.

Recent Save the Redwoods-Boycott the Gap* Actions and Articles
Click here for a complete history

We'd rather wear nothing than wear Gap!

Huge media coverage of Washington DC protest against Fisher logging and Gap sweatshops, September 27, 2002.

Rage against the Gap!

Jun. 10, 2000, S.F.,
18 arrested

One Minute to Midnight
Kickoff Demo

Jun. 3, 2000, S.F.,
BBC Video Coverage!

Gap Sales Decline in May

May, 2000, N.Y.

A Mother's Day Action for Mother Earth and Sweatshop Mothers Everywhere

May 13, 2000, S.F.

Gap Meets in Rural Tennessee, Avoids Usual Protesters

May 6, 2000, Tenn., Firm's annual shareholder session was an exercise in rubber-stamping

MAY DAY! SRBG led the demos in front of Gap, Banana Republic & Pacific Stock Exchange, S.F.

May 1, 2000, S.F.

SF Families Against Gap

Apr. 30, 2000, S.F., Demo at GAP Kids, laurel village

SRBG stops police brutality at IMF-World Bank Protests

Apr. 16-17, 2000, Washington D.C.

Headwaters heats up

Apr. 5, 2000, Timber activists file lawsuits, plan not-so-silent spring

Timber Protest

Mar. 15, 2000, S.F., Gray Davis in bed with big timber,
9 arrested

The Gap clothes chain is under attack...

Mar. 11, 2000

Fisher Family Falls Into A Credibilty Gap In California Forests

Feb. 23, 2000

Gap protesters test court decision at Eureka mall

Feb. 12, 2000, Eureka

Los Angeles Boycott Kickoff

Feb. 5, 2000, Santa Monica
Feb. 6, Westwood, Venice

Anniversary of the Sweatshop Lawsuit

Jan. 13, 2000, S.F., 14 arrests

Julia Butterfly at Old Growth Protest

Jan. 12, 2000, Sacto

Union of Concerned Santas Shuts Down Old Navy

Dec. 23, 1999, S.F., 6 santas, 1 angel and 2 elves arrested

Bay Area Action Schools Group Demos

Nov. 27-Dec. 17, 1999, Palo Alto

Save the Redwoods-Boycott the Gap* at Seattle WTO Protests

Nov. 26-Dec. 5, 1999, Seattle

"NO WTO" Human Banner / Mass Protest at Old Navy

Nov. 19, 1999, S.F.

SRBG joins Global Exchange "First Saturday" actions against Gap, Inc.

Nov. 6, 1999, S.F.

Joyful Protest at Old Navy Opening

Oct. 20, 1999, S.F.

We'd Rather Wear Nothing Than Wear Gap!

Oct. 16, 1999, S.F.

Save the Redwoods-Boycott the Gap*: A Complete History

Current Tree Sit in the Albion River
(Kaisen Gulch)

The Fishers of the Gap are logging this beautiful area which supports one of the last wild coho salmon populations on the north coast. For information about the tree sit, contact Beth Bosk at (707) 937-5703, P.O. Box 702, Mendocino, CA 95460. To help support legal actions contact the Albion River Watershed Protection Association, P.O. Box 467, Albion, CA 95410.


Date: Tuesday, November 30, 1999. Time: 10:30 am.

Police bar the "Delegation for the Environment" from entering the WTO meeting--with pepper spray, tear gas, noise bombs and plastic bullets.

Click here to see the whole photo series (and an explanation of the WTO). These photos tell the story of the Seattle police attack on peaceful protestors at 6th Avenue near the Sheraton Hotel at about 10:30 am Tuesday morning, November 30, 1999. Police attacks such as this against peaceful protestors occurred all morning before any windows were broken in downtown Seattle.

More than 50,000 people peacefully protested the WTO meeting in Seattle the week of November 30, including labor unions, environmentalists, farmers, human rights groups, church groups and students. Some 10,000 people blocked intersections in downtown Seattle, successfully preventing the WTO from beginning their secret, unconstitutional "trade" meetings on Tuesday. Public opposition was so strong that the WTO could not meet at all except by declaration of a state of emergency, calling out of the National Guard, and brutal police attacks against thousands of peaceful protestors. The WTO meeting was a failure and the "delegates" retreated from Seattle in disarray.

Click here for more...

Fishers of the Gap to Clearcut Old Growth!

Our corrupt and useless regulatory agencies, the California Department of Forestry and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have given the O.K. for the billionaire Fisher family of the Gap clothing stores to clearcut the very last old growth redwoods in Greenwood Creek in Mendocino, California. For information call (415) 731-7924 or (707) 877-3405.

Click here for more old growth pictures
and map of this terrible clearcut.

Latest Action Newsletters!

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The Elk News Network

Recent Fisher Logging News

Click here for older Fisher Logging News
Search News
The Elk News Network

to Save the Mendocino Coast Redwood Forest
You can sign our online petition here, or print out a blank petition to circulate around your community!


Headwaters Action Video Collective & Video Activist Network present:
Timber GAP
(18 minutes). Produced by Headwaters Action Video Collective, James Ficklin, K. Rudin, P. Andrews

Copies of this video are for sale for $20.00. Please contact Mary Bull at chalicenew@earthlink.net for further information.

I n t e r n a t i o n a l  R e d w o o d  B o y c o t t ?
Click here for draft position paper and to enter the discussion.

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