Buy Nothing Day
The 2nd Anniversary of the Gap Boycott

Berkeley, CA. Dec 22, 5--7PM. Caroling at the Gap on Telegraph & Bancroft (near UCB). Contact Philip

Fresno, CA. Contact Mike Rhodes, Editor Labor/Community Alliance Newsletter, (559) 233-3978 (work/msgs) (559) 233-6174 (work), email:, website:

Oakland CA. Dec 1, 9:30--12 noon. Leafletting at grand opening of Gap Body, Lakeshore Drive. Contact or

Palo Alto, CA. Every Saturday in December, 12--4, at Stanford Shopping Center Gap, alternating with Banana Republic. Contact Carmen for more info  Bay Area Action Schools Group is bottomlining this series of terrific Gap actions!

San Francisco CA. Sat & Sun thru-out December, 12--4pm. Leafletting Gap flagship, Powell & Market. Contact or Hannah 415-558-9486 ex 250.

San Francisco CA. Sat & Sun, Dec 16, 17. SF Union Square. 12 Noon. Contact Mary Bull 415-731-7924

The UNION of CONCERNED SANTAS says, "Fishers of Gap, Inc: Extinguishing Endangered Species and Exploiting Desperate People Just Isn't in the Xmas Spirit! We will deliver no gifts purchased from Gap, Banana Republic, or Old Navy this holiday season!" The Santas will be romping, frolicking, caroling, leafletting, and exhorting holiday shoppers to give the gift of life, instead -- to the forest and its threatened creatures and to workers in the form of a living wage!!! Meet at Union Square then march to the Gap, BR, and Old Navy flagships. WE NEED SANTAS (we've got the suits!) & ELVES to leaflet!!! Please contact me if you'd like to participate in this popular action (415-731-7924)!!! Or just show up in the appropriate attire!!!

San Francisco CA. Sat, Dec 23. SF Union Square. 12 Noon.  Contact Mary Bull 415-731-7924

It's a bird! It's plane! NO--It's the ANTI-GAP ALTERNATIVE SHOPPING VAN!!!! Joining the Union of Concerned Santas will be the crazy, fun Anti-Gap Alterna-Van (with thanks to Gaptivist Rob Monk--for the great idea and providing the van!) --ready to drive ADVENTURE LOVING SAN FRANCISCANS and TOURISTS to wonderful alternative shopping destinations -- such as the Thrift Stores in the Mission!!! Even if we don't get many takers, we think we'll get some good-natured media --the Chronicle Need Not Apply!-- covering this fun action! Our Alterna-Van is going to look pretty outrageous lined up with the Banana Republic's Xmas shuttle vans--no joke: they have shiny steel-gray, spanking new vans topped with oversized silver bows and gift boxes to shuttle shoppers among the three stores: Gap, BR, Old Navy! Contact me to be part of this action! 415-731-7924.

San Francisco CA. Dec 24. Contact Mary Bull 415-731-7924

Caroling in the Fishers' Laurel Heights neighborhood! Like Trick or Treating on Halloween -- where the Fishers had their Gap security guards on hand to dole out candy at their gate -- singing sweatshop and deforestation carols on the Fishers' street corner will be equally effective! Please call us to join in!

San Francisco, CA. November 24, Buy Nothing Day. Contact Mary Bull 415-731-7924

SAN FRANCISCO. We have been planning this really fun--Cristo-type "Landscape" Gap action for a while now --and Buy Nothing Day-- the anniversary of the Gap Boycott Kick-off -- looks like a great time for it!  The particulars of the action have not been defined and your participation is very welcome! Basically we are planning a GIGANTIC CLOTHESLINE (perhaps a third of a mile or longer!) that activists run through the City, say, around UNION SQUARE, from FLAGSHIP to FLAGSHIP, or from GAP FLAGSHIP to GAP HQ.  Pinned on the clothesline are GAP CLOTHES (or lookalikes, from the Good Will or wherever) with LETTERS drawn or painted on them spelling out messages, such as STOP GAP SWEATSHOPS!, SAVE REDWOODS!, BOYCOTT GAP!, etc., or entire messages on a single item, such as a T-shirt, giving facts about Gap sweatshops or deforestation. We can hang other items from the clothesline as well--pictures of sewing machines, redwood trees, whatever we like!

The logistics, such as the "Parade Route," the unfurling ceremony, having BREAKS in the LINE for negotiating traffic lights -- perhaps we'll hold the clothesline on bamboo poles -- and so on, need to be worked out. But in general we think it will be a VISUALLY SPECTACULAR ACTION -- and very POWERFUL! Of course, follow up leafletting and one-on-one with shoppers is all important!!! (We got so many people to return their purchases in years past!) PLEASE JOIN US!!!

Santa Barbara, CA. November 4. Contact Scott Courts 805-898-9450

Santa Rosa, CA Leafleting. Contact Andrea <>

Temecula, CA. Contact Leila Salazar at 415-558-9486 ext. 355

West Covina, CA.  Dec 16, 11 AM--1 PM, West Covina Plaza off Vincent from the 10 fwy.

Washington, DC. November 24, Buy Nothing Day. Contact Bernardo, 202-333-1855
Union of Concerned Santas Strikes Again!

Palm Beach, FL. Contact Kat,

"Greetings! This is Kat from Gainesville Florida. Just wanted to let you know that I am organizing an action against GAP on "buy nothing day" down in Palm Beach Florida. We are going to have a christmas caroling group (just got a bunch of great anti-sweatshop christmas carols!) and do street theater and pass out info at a GAP store (which one we have yet to choose, there are so many!) Take Action!"

Des Moines, IA. Contact Courtney,

Activists at Drake University have an incredible line-up of Gap actions planned, "....including tabling, posters, a video of sweatshops, table tents, and give people a coupon of sorts to give to their parents or others that says to not buy them GAP products for the holidays. Then, the week before finals is our big event. We are going to collect GAP clothing from people. Ask them to donate one clothing item in protest of GAP practices.  Then, instead of sending the clothes back to the GAP we are going to take a picture of all of our group by the HUGE pile of clothes we'll get, cut out the tags, and send those to the GAP with a letter explaining that we donated the clothes to a good cause for the holidays instead of sending them back to them!"

Boston area, MA. Leafleting. Contact Sam

Cape Cod, MA. Dec 23 & 26. Leafleting. Contact Nate <>

Bloomington, MN. January 1, 2001, 3PM. Gap at the Mall of America. Contact

Ashville & Raleigh, NC. Date TBA. Contact Olya Milenkaya,, (828) 771-3930

Nashua, NH. Dec 16 and/or Dec 26. Caroling at Old Navy! Contact

Santa Fe, NM. Leafleting/tabling at the Plaza. Weekend of Dec. 16 and/or weekend of Dec. 23--TBA. Contact

Bethlehem, PA. Leafletting every other weekend. Next action: Dec 17, Palmer Park Mall in the Lehigh Valley, 7 PM. Meet at Arby's in the mall. Contact Laura, or 610-570-8782.

Philadelphia, PA. 12 Noon till 3:00 PM, 11/24, Buy Nothing Day.

Contact Libby Frank or Paul Mack at 215/242-1372; or the following individuals for particular sites:
Northwest Philly: Shoshana Bricklin, 215/248-2807;
Center City, Philly: Ruth Balter, 215/545-4486,
Main Line, Philly: Alice Hoffman, 610/896-6614,
Newtown, Bucks Kathy Quinn, 215/504-2956,

Radnor, PA. Contact Allen Fong,

"This holiday season many of my friends and I will hold gap protests in our local community to help inform many people in our area of the Fisher family's harm to our environment. The area in which I live in has many gap shoppers that I do believe will be greatly concerned once they hear of the Fisher Family's Atrocity."

Wayne, PA. Sat, Dec 23, 11:30AM--4:00PM. Demo at the Gap. Route 30, downtown Wayne.

Austin, TX. Leafleting. Contact <>

Houston, TX. November 24, Buy Nothing Day. Contact David Hartland 281-880-8802

Olympia, WA. Contact Chris and Jenny,
These activists also plan to spearhead demos in Vermont and Pennsylvania (please contact them for cities).

Seattle, WA. Dec 7 Report-back: 20 activists got 300 shoppers to send postcards to the Gap Fishers asking them to stop logging!!!

Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada). Ongoing thru-out December. Postering. Contact Steve

Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). Contact Iain

We, several students of the University of Winnipeg, plan to hold a Sweatshop Labour Fashion Show (megaphone amplified) in front of The Gap in Polo Park Shopping Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on Buy Nothing Day. Getting nervous, but, it ought to be a great time. Response to the idea has been overwhelmingly positive, and we should get a decent audience, which will, hopefully, make security less likely to beat us up. Cheers to that Iain.

Amsterdam, Holland.  Dec 16. Clean Clothes Campaign sweatshop action.<>

"This weekend we dressed up as angels and asked consumers to write their favorite brand and ask them how, where and by whom their clothes are made. A lot were send to Gap (we do not have Banana Republic or Old Navy here). So good luck with your peak! And knock 'm dead (just an expression off course). Lots of hugs etc. from Viev and the rest of the Clean Clothes Campaign."  (Pictures will be posted at gapsucks soon!)

Let us post ***your*** Holiday Action here (email to )!!!