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Rage against the Gap!

Jun. 10, 2000, S.F.: 18 protesters arrested at Union Square's Gap SAN FRANCISCO Eighteen human rights protesters were arrested Saturday after they blocked the doors of The Gap clothing store near Union Square.

One Minute to Midnight Kickoff Demo

Jun. 3, 2000, S.F.: This Redwood Stump Protest and Fisher Family Picnic Skit was covered by the BBC (and received widespread international coverage), and was also highlighted on KPFA Radio.

Banana Republic, Old Navy fail to meet predictions as spring clothing purchases lag

May, 2000, N.Y.: Gap Inc. shares dipped Thursday after the casual clothing retailer reported disappointing sales for May and analysts expressed concern about second-quarter revenues.

A Mother's Day Action for Mother Earth and Sweatshop Mothers Everywhere

May 13, 2000, S.F.: The action that the Save the Redwoods - Boycott the Gap Campaign (SRBG) pulled off on Saturday, May 13, was nothing less than an AWESOME and MIRACULOUS TOUR DE FORCE!

Gap Meets in Rural Tennessee, Avoids Usual Protesters

May 6, 2000, Tenn.: Firm's annual shareholder session was an exercise in rubber-stamping

MAY DAY! SRBG led the demos in front of Gap, Banana Republic & Pacific Stock Exchange, S.F.

May 1, 2000, S.F.: Activists celebrated May Day with an impromptu dance party at the Levi's store on Union Square Monday only to find the party quashed when 30 of them were arrested.

SF Families Against Gap

Apr. 30, 2000, S.F.: Demo at GAP Kids, laurel village

SRBG stops police brutality at IMF-World Bank Protests

Apr. 16-17, 2000, Washington D.C.: Mary Bull, National Coordinator of Save The Redwoods-Boycott the Gap Campaign, spent an hour negotiating a peaceful end to the tense confrontation with police at 20th & Pennsylvania with Deputy Police Chief Terrance Gainer.

Headwaters heats up

Apr. 5, 2000: Timber activists file lawsuits, plan not-so-silent spring

Timber protest

Mar. 15, 2000, S.F.: Gray Davis in bed with big timber, 9 arrested

The Gap clothes chain is under attack...

Mar. 11, 2000: News Review: The burning issue of the world's casual uniform
The Gap clothes chain is under attack from a growing band of angry activists

Chain Sawed: Fisher Family Falls Into A Credibilty Gap In California Forests

Feb 23, 2000: Retailing clan hopes to show they can log lightly; Protesters don't buy it; Article by Peter Waldman, Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal

Gap protesters test court decision at Eureka mall

Feb 12, 2000, Eureka: Activists wearing cardboard boxes that occasionally spelled "Gap Sweatshops" dance and sing in front of Bayshore Mall's main entrance during a protest against Gap stores.

Los Angeles Boycott Kickoff

Feb 5, 2000, Santa Monica., Feb. 6, Westwood, Venice. SRBG joined 300 So. Cal. Fair Trade Network and Labor Union activists in front of the Gap on the 3rd St. Promenade, Santa Monica, to protest Gap sweatshops and Fisher deforestation. We delighted onlookers with our Cube Dance, spelling out "Save Redwoods," "No Sweatshops," "Boycott Gap!" and "" to the popular Gap TV ad tune "I just can't get enough of you" with modified lyrics: "Gap just can't get enough money!"

Anniversary of the Sweatshop Lawsuit

Jan 13, 2000, San Francisco. SRBG activists participated in the Global Exchange protest marking the anniversary of the filing of their class-action suit against Gap, Inc. et al. for human rights abuses in Saipan. Articles like this one are very damning, exposing the Fishers and their creation, Gap, Inc., as conscienceless moneygrubbers.

Julia Butterfly at Old Growth Protest

Jan 12, 2000, Sacramento. SRBG activists unfurl our magnificent banner behind a radiant Julia Butterfly at the Board of Forestry hearing and rally demanding that Gray Davis keep his campaign promise to ban old-growth logging. Since he took office a year ago, he has instead accepted at least $125,000 from the timber industry and much more from timber-related trade unions, agri-business, and developers.

Union of Concerned Santas Shuts Down Old Navy

Dec. 23, 1999. San Francisco. The SF Examiner caption that accompanied this picture read, "ARRESTS AT OLD NAVY. Nine members of the Union of Concerned Santas are taken into custody by SF cops in front of Old Navy's flagship store on Market Street Thursday morning. The group, which formed a human chain in front of the store's front doors with the aid of PVC pipe, accused the Fisher family, which owns the Gap and Old Navy, of clearcuttting in Mendocino forests and using sweatshop labor to produce its goods." The Santa action also made the evening news (two channels), KPFA, and pirate radio.

Bay Area Action Schools Group Demos

November 27 - December 17, Palo Alto: Bay Area Action endorsed the SRBG Campaign from the start. The BAA Schools Group, a coalition of high school activist groups in the South Bay, embraced the campaign: participating in our actions (e.g., they sent Gray Davis 1300 valentines asking him to keep his promise to ban old-growth logging) and instigating their own (e.g., like this series of demos in the South Bay, for which we lent them props, including the Cubes).

Save the Redwoods-Boycott the Gap at Seattle WTO Protests

November 26 - December 5, 1999, Seattle. Sixteen members of the Save the Redwoods-Boycott the Gap Campaign went to Seattle and, on Nov. 30, and had the distinction of carrying the "Delegation for the Environment" banner to the Seattle Convention Center, where we were pepper sprayed, tear gassed, shot with plastic bullets, and beaten with batons by the Seattle riot squad. This series of photos from Time magazine, USA Today, the Seattle Post Intelligencer, KTVU, and our archives show the Riot Squad threatening and assaulting Save the Redwoods-Boycott the Gap activists and other peaceful protestors in the street in front of the Sheraton Hotel.

"NO WTO" Human Banner Mass Protest at Old Navy

Nov. 20, 1999, San Francisco. SRBG helped RAN organize this anti-WTO rally at Justin Hermann Plaza, San Francisco, at which a human banner was formed, spelling out "NO WTO." From there, SRBG led the march down Market Street that culminated in a mass demonstration at Old Navy.

SRBG joins Global Exchange "First Saturday" actions

Nov. 6, 1999, S.F. As shown here, we join Global Exchange and speak at all of their "First Saturday" actions against Gap, Inc.

Joyful Protest at Old Navy Opening

Oct. 20, 1999, San Francisco. We repeated the Cube Dance - 13 actvists dressed in cubes spelling out "Save Redwoods," "No Sweatshops," Boycott Gap!" and "" to the popular Gap TV ad tune, "I just can't get enough of you," with modified lyrics, "Gap just can't get enough money!" - as well as the strip action at the grand opening of the Old Navy flagship, again delighting bystanders and garnering loads of media coverage that spotlighted Fisher family deforestation and Gap, Inc. labor abuses.

We'd Rather Wear Nothing Than Wear Gap!

October 16, 1999, San Francisco. Tired of getting little or no media coverage at our demos the past year, SRBG activists brainstormed what might make the issues of deforestation and sweatshop labor "sexy" enough to bring out the media on the occasion of the Gap Boycott anniversary. We hit upon the "We'd Rather Wear Nothing Than Wear Gap!" action--where we strip naked for the redwoods and workers rights--and, guess what--it worked! "We'd Rather Wear Nothing..." actions were also staged in NYC, Tampa, FL, and Amsterdam on Nov. 26 (the true anniversay of the Gap Boycott, when many Bay Area SRBG activists were in Seattle, protesting the WTO & the Gap there).

Ukiah Courthouse Demo

August, 1999, Ukiah

From atop Redwood tree, activist makes plea against deforestation

Mid-July, 1999. "I gave my word to this tree, the forest, and to all people, that my feet would not touch the ground until I had done everything in my power to make the world aware of this problem and to stop the destruction," says Butterfly in a press release by Earth First, a California-based environmental organization.

Albion tree-sit ends

Mid-July, 1999. It was not a comedy of errors for the Albion Nation and friends last week when newly recruited tree sitters were away from their post too long. Trees had been cut when the watch duty for the sit lapsed a few days.

Activists Hack Mendocino Logging Plans

Early-July, 1999. A dispute over the fate of vast tracts of Mendocino County forestland has pitted a prominent and wealthy San Francisco family against a group of North State environmentalists.

Treesitting on Fisher land in Albion

June, 1999, Albion: People have been living in the trees in the Albion river area for several weeks now (June 1999) to prevent the Fishers' logging company, Mendocino Redwood, from logging an area with active slides. As the treesitters' banner says, "Slides Kill Fish!" dirt from logging in unstable areas gets in the river and muddies the water, so that salmon cannot spawn. Only about 200 salmon were found in the Albion in surveys in 1994-96. The Coho salmon is almost extinct in this river, where the Fishers of Gap, Inc. are heavily logging in order to add to their 11 billion dollar fortune. For information about the Tree Sit, call (707) 468-1660.

Lockdown at the Gap in NYC

June 14, 1999, New York City: Redwood Mary, a forest defender from Mendocino on tour in the eastern US, Europe and Kenya, locked the doors of the Gap store at 34th street and 6th avenue in New York City on June 14, 1999, along with J.K. Canepa, and held the doors for one hour in a lockdown to protest Fisher family destruction of the redwood forest and Gap sweatshops in the Mariana Islands. Dozens of protesters cheered the couragous redwood forest and labor defenders. For information call the Wetlands Bar at (212) 966-4831.

Biodiversity Council meeting / Gap Boycott meets privately with Tuttle

Jun. 10, 1999, Ft. Bragg. SRBG activists attended and spoke at the Biodiversity Council meeting, with CA Sec. of Resources, Mary Nichols, faciliating. We met with Nichols and newly appointed CA Dept of Forestry head Andrea Tuttle over lunch and got our first warning that something was rotten in Sacto.
Jun. 14,1999, Sacramento. SRBG activists Mary Pjerrou, Mary Bull, and Norman de Vall met privately with Tuttle to ask her to end liquidation logging in Mendocino County and to halt some of the worst timber harvest plans (THPs) there. She stated to us flatly, "You will not get what you want-we will not disapprove any THPs." ... An illegal policy that defies the Forest Practice Act and Rules.

Plan calls for 10,000 acres of grapes

May, 1999, Mendocino County A Mendocino County-based corporation Is proposing to develop up to 10,000 acres of vineyards - the largest grape planting project ever undertaken in Northern California - on forest land stretching along ridges in remote, regions of Sonoma and Mendocino counties.

The biggest human race

May 16, 1999, S.F. SRBG supporters donated an airplane that flew over the crowd with a banner that read, "Save the Redwoods! Boycott the Gap!"

May Day revival

May 1, 1999, S.F. The May-Day parade marched to the Gap store at Deboce and market, San Francisco, where 2,000 revelers chanted, "Mr. Fisher, You've got a store - What do you want to the redwoods for?!"

300 protest Gap in S.F.

Mar 6, 1999, S.F. Finally! We had our first joint-protest with Global Exchange, UNITE, and other labor and human rights groups when they launched their sweatshop campaign against Gap Inc.

Plight of the Redwoods Tour and "Have A Heart- Save The Redwoods" Valentine's Day Campaign

February, 1999: The "Have a Heart" campaign is the first effort in a "Take Back Your Holidays" campaign to counter the commercialization of holidays. We will post further information about how to "Take Back Your Holidays" at this site. Next Holiday: Easter!

Global Exchange class-action suit against Gap, Inc.

Jan 13, 1999, S.F. Global Exchange, et al., filed their class-action suit against Gap, Inc., et al., for human rights abuses on Saipan. We had wanted coalition with Global Exchange and Labor from the start of the Gap Boycott Campaign. The IWW East Bay & SF General Membership Branches endorsed the Gap Boycott, but filed the class-action suit. They encouraged and helped us from the sidelines until then.

Plight of the Redwoods Tour

Jan. 1999, East Coast. Redwood Mary and Julia Butterfly (via cell phone from her home in Luna, a thousand year old redwood) took the Gap Boycott message on a month-long East Coast Tour that hit 15 cities. They returned to the East Coast in the Summer of '99 for a second tour.

Protests continued every weekend in December

Dec. 1999, S.F. The holiday fervor was capped by Gaptivists hanging a giant banner over a Gap billboard on Union Square: "Save Our Redwoods! Boycott the Gap!" ...It hung there for two days.

SR Gap site of logging protest

November 27, 1998. Environmentalists demonstrated outside Gap and Banana Republic stores in Santa Rosa, Berkeley and San Francisco on Friday to protest redwood logging plans by the family that owns North Coast timberland as well as the chic clothing stores.

Logging prompts boycott of stores

November 27, 1998. What might have been another local round in Mendocino County's timber has grown into a national boycott of clothing stores - The Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy - as environmentalists try to pressure the new owners of 350 square miles of timberland.

Boycott the Gap campaign Official Kickoff!

November 27, 1998, S.F. Over 300 attended the kickoff rally at Union Square which included the Lindy Hop dancers swinging for the redwoods (in opposition to a recent Gap TV ad featuring Lindy Hoppers!), Art and Revolution dance-theater, Earth Circus redwood-tree stiltwalkers, giant puppets, SF Mime Troupe drum & bagpipe parade, and rousing speeches by Julia Butterfly, Starhawk, Mary Pjerrou, and Norman de Vall! Other media coverage included a 4-minute spot on CNN, local ABC, NBC, and CBS TV, extensive radio and CA press, including front page of the SF Examiner. Activists in 44 cities across the US pledged to protest on Nov. 27 in solidarity - and we received confirmations from over 30 of them that they did indeed!

The Redwoods Weep

Sept 28, 1998, Elk. On the same day that this Time magazine article on the plight of the redwoods and the death of David Gypsy Chain at the hands of a logger appeared, Mendocino environmentalists met with John Fisher and Sandy Dean, managers of the Fishers' liquidation logging venture, to give them four hours of - often heartbreaking - expert testimony detailing the depleted state of Fisher forestlands.

Meet the new boss of LP Forestlands

July 1, 1998, Mendocino County. The Fishers of Gap, Inc. bought 235,000 acres of cutover forestland in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties from notorious liquidation loggers, Louisiana Pacific Corporation, of whom former CA Dept. of Forestry Director Richard Wilson stated, "It's sad, but everyone new they were cutting themselves out of business." (Santa Rosa Press Democrat).

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