Fisher old growth stump arrives at the Gap

One Minute to Midnight!
-- June 3, 2000 Kickoff Demo --

June 3rd's kickoff demo in San Francisco was nothing short of a JOYFUL, POWERFUL ROMP - Yes, SRBG & Friends ROMPED with our OLD-GROWTH STUMP (courtesy of the Gap Fishers), 12 Dancing Redwood Trees, 12 gigantic sewing machines, the SRBG Marching Band, and more, from the Gap flagship to Old Navy; then right up the middle of GRANT STREET to Banana Republic - and the BBC, KRON, BAY TV, KPFA, Pirate Radio, et al, ROMPED with us!!! We performed our OUTRAGEOUS MUSICAL SKIT, "A Fisher Family Picnic," at every stop! For great stills of this action, see below and also check out this page.

Click here to view the BBC's WONDERFUL international news spot, focussing on the deforestation issue and this action, which aired on the Morning Show in the UK on Monday, June 5, 2000, and continuously on two international TV channels on the 5th and continuously on international radio on Thursday, June 8th. The spot was also the BBC Internet site's Pick of the Week. It will surely escalate, by an order of magnitude, the pressure on the Gap Fishers to place these ravaged redwood forests into a conservation land trust and to pay their workers a living wage.

The Fisher old growth stump arrives at the Gap flagship in San Francisco.

"Donald" and "Doris" Fisher prepare to have a picnic... the redwood forest.

"Don" explains to sons "Johnny" and "Bobby" that the redwood stump is a tree that's been turned into money.

Years later, John and Bob return to the forest and congratulate each other for the billions they've made on the backs of sweatshop labor, while Don and Doris beam proudly at their sons...

...and the redwood trees sing "Working in a Sweatshop."

Bob and John then set their money-making sights north and sing, "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay! I do it in my office from far away!"

A few years later, grandparents Donald and Doris return to the forest with their grandkids, while John and Bob are overseeing the final liquidation of the redwood forest.

But unlike their parents, the grandkids don't like making money from the destruction of the redwoods. They lecture Donald and Doris about the value of the forest for wildlife habitat, fish habitat and water and air quality. They sing Gap protest songs...

...and the redwood trees join in.

The drummer leads the parade as the redwood stump is moved from the Gap to Old Navy, then on to Banana Republic, all around Union Square in San Francisco.

The story of the stump: The Fishers' logging company cut this rare, old-growth redwood tree down despite the protests of local environmentalists. After they cut it, they discovered that the wood was too gnarled for milling, and they left it there.

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