We'd Rather Wear Nothing Than Wear Gap!
October 16, 1999, San Francisco. Tired of getting little or no media coverage at our demos the past year, SRBG activists brainstormed what might make the issues of deforestation and sweatshop labor "sexy" enough to bring out the media on the occasion of the Gap Boycott anniversary. We hit upon the "We'd Rather Wear Nothing Than Wear Gap!" action--where we strip naked for the redwoods and workers rights--and, guess what--it worked! "We'd Rather Wear Nothing..." actions were also staged in NYC, Tampa, FL, and Amsterdam on Nov. 26 (the true anniversay of the Gap Boycott, when many Bay Area SRBG activists were in Seattle, protesting the WTO & the Gap there).

San Francisco Bay Guardian
Wednesday, October 13, 1999 - www.sfbg.com

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by cassi feldman

'We'd Rather Wear Nothing than Wear Gap'
Saturday, Oct. 16, celebrate the redwoods and workers rights at the kickoff of International Zap-the-Gap week, marking the first anniversary of the Gap Boycott. Noon, Powell and Market, S.F. (415) 731-7924.

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