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Materials and Information for Leafleting, Postering, Running an Ad!

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  • Quarter-page General-purpose Leaflet (front and back)
    • This leaflet provides general information about Gap Fisher deforestation and Gap sweatshop labor, as well as sources for additional info. Give them out in front of a Gap, Banana Republic, or Old Navy store! We print our leaflets on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, such as Eureka 100, but do the best you can!
  • Half-page Consumer of Conscience Flyer (front and back)
    • This half-page leaflet provides guidelines to help people become socially and environmentally responsible consumers.
  • Quarter-page Alternative Shopping Guide (front and back)
    • This quarter-page leaflet provides fair trade, environmentally friendly shopping sources. Most of them are on the Internet. People like getting these at demos!
  • Leafleting Guidelines
    • These guidelines provide tips, talking points, and answers to frequently asked questions that you can use when talking with shoppers and passers-by at your Gap action. It's a good idea to read it before you leaflet and keep it on you during your action.
  • Letter to Gap employees
    • This is a letter you can give to Gap employees, prior to your action, to explain what you are doing and to assure them that your intent is peaceful and not personally aimed at them.
  • Songs, Chants, and Cheers (half-page handout, front and back)
    • This half-page hand-out contains chants, cheers, and songs for your Gap action, if a large enough group is planning to attend.
  • Doing Larger Demos: Props, Skits, and Group Process Guidelines
    • These are guidelines for doing more elaborate demos, including ideas for props, a skit, and guidelines for working well as a group. Use them as a point of departure, but remember that a simple leafleting action without props or fanfare is powerful and effective—and is all we ask of you! (Also see the Actions section of the gapsucks home page for fun ideas for more involved demos.)
  • Media Packet
    • This packet contains a sample Letter-to-the-Editor explaining why you will be leafletting. It also contains media guidelines and a sample press release, if you are planning a more elaborate demo or rally (more than 25 people).
  • Legal Packet
    • This packet provides legal information for your action. Your rights as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights in the US, and the "Pruneyard Decision" if you are planning an action in California.
  • Poster
    • This full-page (8 1/2 x 11 -inch) poster contains substantial text on Fisher logging and Gap sweatshops, color illustrations, and our contact info. (Prints fine in black and white, too.) Post it on community bulletin boards, in cafes, bookshops, laundromats, trade union halls, churches, and other public meeting places! Tape it to telephone poles and lamposts (follow the public-posting laws in your community)!
  • Poster Template
    • The same as the poster above, but with a blank space for YOUR action and contact info. Stop liquidation logging! Support a living wage!
  • New York Times Full-Page Ad
    • Public Media Center designed this powerful ad targeting Gap Fisher deforestation that ran in the New York Times three times. Run it in campus newspapers or environmental newsletters, or glue to a piece of cardboard and use it for tabling! It can print to a 13x24 -inch sheet or you can choose the fit-to-page option when you print it. If you need a higher resolution for printing, contact
  • Stickers
    • These stickers print onto 3 1/3 x 4-inch shipping labels, such as Avery 5164. Stickers look great on daypacks, notebooks, bumpers, windows, etc.--and help get the boycott message out!
  • Outreach Packet
    • This packet is for people who want to do outreach for the campaign, that is, call other groups and ask them to do a Gap action--leafletting, demoing, or running an ad. It contains talking points and a Pledge-to-Leaflet form that you fill in and return to us.
  • Fisher Logging Facts - Overview
  • Fisher Logging Facts - Details
    • Mary Pjerrou, President of the Redwood Coast Watersheds Alliance, sent this six-page overview of the hard facts regarding the Fishers' damaging logging practices to the New York Times at their request for information. "Fisher Logging Facts - Details" are the 19 pages of detailed notes that accompanies the six-page overview. Deliver these to organizations or individuals who request detailed, documented information regarding the Fishers' logging practices. The six-page overvie should suffice for most people.
  • Crap Poster with text
  • Crap Poster with space for local event
    • Consumer power can Save the Redwoods and stop sweatshops! Check out these new CRAP posters you can use for your upcoming events!

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