Picket the Fishers' logging company in Fort Bragg, CA, Monday, September 30!

We'd rather wear nothing than wear Gap!
(CNN Washington Bureau, Saturday, September 28, 2002)

Huge media coverage for mass protest in DC against Fisher logging and Gap sweatshops, September 27, 2002.
**Reports on police repression in DC, IMF/World Bank demos, and half a million anti-war marchers in London on Saturday.**

Hundreds of protesters demonstrated against the Gap in Washington DC, Friday, September 27, 2002, amidst massive police repression of city-wide protests against the IMF/World Bank, Corporate Rule and Bush's coming Oil War. Over 600 people were arrested and held overnight without charge, for merely gathering in parks around DC, holding rallies and planning to march downtown. Six Washington Post reporters were arrested, swept up in the police melee. John Passacantando, head of Greenpeace, was arrested while merely riding his bike to work. See these news stories (among many others): UPI (1), UPI (2), BBC (1), BBC (2) and BBC (3).

Then, on Friday afternoon, the Fishers' giant redwood stump--which we drove across the country this week, with stops in six cities, in a truck fueled by "veggie diesel--was rolled to the door of the Gap store in Georgetown (DC), where activists stripped for the redwoods and workers' rights, while hundreds chanted, "We'd rather wear nothing than wear Gap!" (CNN).

The Gap protest in DC received widespread media coverage--by the Washington Post , CNN , the Associated Press , ABC News, the BBC, and many other venues, incuding dozens of radio stations.

** Indymedia (http://indymedia.org), a great source of independent and direct-people-source information, has two audio interviews of activist-organizer Mary Bull at the Gap protest in DC, one on the reasons for the Gap anti-logging protest, and another on negotations with DC police on the early shut-down of the Gap protest, despite a legal permit for the gathering. **

A huge march against the IMF/World Bank and the pending war on Iraq was held in DC on Saturday, September 28, 2002, but with reduced numbers because of the arrest and detention of hundreds of people who were merely thinking of exercising their Free Speech.

** Also on Saturday, half a million people in London marched against the Bush Oil War.
See indymedia.org story link to BBC or go directly to the BBC story and BBC photos. **

Picket the Fishers' logging company in Fort Bragg, CA, Monday, September 30!

Fort Bragg, California: Forest activists will picket the Fisher/Gap (Mendocino Redwood Company) meeting Monday, September 30, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., at the Tradewinds Lodge, 400 South Main Street (Hwy 1), in Fort Bragg. The picket is to protest the Fishers' application for an exemption from the Endangered Species Act (called an "incidental take permit") that will allow them to legally kill endangered species and destroy the last endangered species habitat on 235,000 acres of already damaged redwood forest. These Fisher/MRC meetings are B.S. They are being used to "massage" the public and to "green-wash" the killing of Spotted Owls, Coho Salmon and other extremely endangered species in these ravaged forest lands. Come join the picket! For info., call Mary: (707) 877-3405. [Note: We are NOT picketing Tradewinds Lodge--just the MRC meeting.]

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