SEND THE LETTER: The Fisher family--who have amassed a fortune reported at 12 billion dollars--controls both Gap, Inc., and the Mendocino Redwood logging company. The Fishers hold several Gap board memberships including chair, and are the founders and major shareholders of Gap, Inc, which includes all Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy clothing stores. Gap, Inc., stock is publicly sold. The Mendocino Redwood logging company (MRC) is a private Fisher family investment. Donald Fisher (founder and board chair of Gap, Inc.) and his sons, Robert (Gap, Inc., board member, former president of Gap), and John, are self-admitted investors in the logging. The logging company describes itself as an investment of the Fisher family. The Fishers have the power and the wherewithal to stop the logging at any time, and to preserve these northern California redwood forests. They also have the power within Gap, Inc., to change Gap policies on the use of sweatshop labor. SEND THIS LETTER TO THE FISHER FAMILY NOW!

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If you wish to send a letter to the Fishers on your own (with or without your address), copy the Fishers' address (above), compose your letter in your own word processor, and mail it to the Fishers. One creative idea is to cut out the label from any Gap clothes that you own (to prove that you are a former Gap customer) and include it in your letter.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Click here to learn more about Fisher forest destruction, the Willow Creek development deal, Gap sweatshops, and the Rainforest Action Network statement on Fisher logging. RAN opposes the Fishers' phony "green label," and calls on the Fishers to stop logging.

Gap sweatshops in 55 countries - Gap's anti-labor and "corporatization" policies

The Fishers and the Gap are not only destroying redwood forests--and using sweatshop labor all over the globe to sew Gap clothes--they are actively promoting right-wing corporate policies.

For instance, the Gap is part of the consortium that is trying to bust the ILWU (the longshoreman's union), with the help of the Bush administration. Donald Fisher (chair of Gap, Inc.) led the campaign against a living wage in his home town of San Francisco, and has worked for the "privatization" (i.e., "corporatization") of public television (KQED), public parks (the Presidio), and public schools (the Edison Project). The failed Edison Schools are currently facing bankruptcy in the midst of a huge SEC scandal.

The Gap uses sweatshops in 55 countries around the world, where workers are paid as little as 11 cents an hour, and live and work in slave-like conditions. Further, the cotton in Gap clothes is grown in places like Uzbekistan, where cotton production is causing horrible environmental pollution problems.

Donald Fisher helped write the secret World Trade Organization (WTO) textile rules that resulted in the proliferation of sweatshops worldwide. When the human rights group Global Exchange sued the Gap and 19 other retailers for the labor abuses in Saipan, the Gap tried, for two years, to prevent the other retailers from settling the suit. The federal judge warned the Gap that they could be found guilty of racketeering, and ordered them to settle the suit or go to trial.

Changes needed in Gap's labor policy: The Gap should settle the Saipan class-action lawsuit, and should guarantee a living wage, and labor and human rights, to all Gap clothing workers. It should open these operations to independent labor monitors. The Fishers should also stop the logging in their over-logged redwood forests and employ forest workers in restoration, rather than further destruction. Many forest workers and fishermen face unemployment, or are out of work already, due to a long history of unsustainable logging in these forests, which has destroyed the timber base, and also the salmon fishery. These workers should not have to engage in further destruction to make a living.

The Fishers' phony "green label": Destruction of the public's right to review corporate logging plans

The Fishers' logging company deliberately withdrew from the public Sustained Yield planning process of the California Forest Practice Rules, and defied a judge's rulings that they must disclose their plans to the public. This logging company then obtained private Forest Stewardship Council "certification" in a secret review process, paid for by the logging company. Among the Forest Stewardship Council's many grave errors in this private "certification" was helping the Fishers to undermine the public's rights under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Clearcutting? Toxic herbicide use? Killing endangered species? What does "green" mean?

The Fishers private FSC "green label" permits continued clear-cutting for another 50 years (!), continued use of toxic herbicides, logging of rare old growth, over-logging ancient forests, and logging without any process of public accountability. This meaningless "green label" is stamped on Mendocino Redwood Company (Fisher) wood products at Home Depot. As if this wasn't bad enough, the Fishers' logging company has now applied for an exemption from the Endangered Species Act, so they can kill endangered species, and log their last habitat, throughout this vast redwood forest.

Fisher forest conversion and development plans

After years of over-logging by previous owners, the Fishers are intensely logging these forests again--contrary to any concept of "sustainability." They very likely intend to develop these forest lands. In Sonoma County, the Fishers are trying to sell part of the over-logged Willow Creek area (3,000 acres) to the state, at a cost to taxpayers that is at least six times what they paid for the land before they logged it. They also want taxpayers to pay them for no further logging in the adjacent forests (2,000 acres), while they retain the land and development rights in these adjacent areas. A likely outcome will be exclusive mansions and ranchettes, financed by the taxpayers, next to a state park.

The bulk of these forest lands are in Mendocino County (220,000 acres), where the public stands to lose even larger forest areas and benefits--fish, wildlife, water, climate control, timber production--while the Fishers reap multiple profits from forest liquidation and development. The Fishers--with their billions--should be giving forest lands to the public--or, at the least, privately preserving them at no cost to the taxpayers.

This information is provided in support of points made in the draft letter to the Fisher family. You may wish to include more of these details if you compose your own letter separately.

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