The Gap public relations department would like you to believe that the Gap has nothing to do with the logging in Mendocino Coast Redwoods, and that the logging is being done by John Fisher, son of Donald Fisher, chair of the board of Gap, Inc., and brother of Bob Fisher, Vice President and C.O.O. of Gap, Inc. However, the purchase of Louisiana Pacific forest lands is described as a "Fisher family investment" at Mendocino Redwood Company's web site (, in all news articles, and in the following letter from Bob Fisher, of Gap, Inc., to local Mendocino activists. The Fisher Family is investing money they have made from Gap stores in the unsustainable logging of the redwood forest.

Robert J. Fisher

August 11, 1998


Ms. Linda Perkins
Mr. Bill Heil
P.O. Box 67
Albion, CA 95410

Dear Linda and Bill,

Thanks for your letter dated July 27, and the attached request from any of Mendocino Redwood Co.’s new neighbors. A couple thoughts...

Our family invested in Mendocino Redwood to pursue two equally weighted goals: first, to operate these lands with a high level of environmental stewardship, and second, to operate a successful business. The business begins with substantial capital so it can operate to a higher environmental standard. Normally businesses like this are undercapitalized and have to cut corners to make it. We will use a long-time horizon in evaluating our progress towards each of the goals we have set.

My active interest and involvement in environmental issues is well known and long standing. I view Mendocino Redwood as a chance to demonstrate that sustainable forestry and the operation of a successful business can both occur within the same company. We have dedicated Sandy Dean to taking whatever actions are necessary to develop appropriate policies, management relationships and day-to-day practices.

On day-to-day matters, Sandy Dean is the right person for you to talk with regarding Mendocino Redwood. For this investment my family is further represented by my brother John, who is Sandy’s partner. I’m sure you’ll meet with him in the coming months.

John’s address is: One Maritime Plaza, 14th floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
phone (415) 392-3600

I’ve passed along your letter and a copy of this letter to him.

We hope you share our optimism that in a decade or two Mendocino Redwood will be a shining example of the successful integration of environmental stewardship and a successful local business.

Best regards,