Dear Forest Defender,

Thank you for volunteering to help save our Redwood forests especially in the capacity of a Gap Picket Day/Gap Boycott organizer in your community! This is truly a grass roots effort--you will be a front-liner. Your support is essential to its success! Enclosed is your Gap Picket Packet:

Two copies of the Petition. You may already be familiar with our petition to the Fishers and the California Department of Forestry. Circulating this petition is a key part of our public-pressure campaign. Even kids and non-citizens can sign! Please use one to start collecting signatures immediately. Use the other as a master to make more copies. People can also sign our online petition at . Our goal is 10,000 signatures by Winter Solstice!

Flyer Fact Sheet and Action Items. This sheet gives some background info about the Fishers‚ exploitation of the forest and some suggestions for what concerned people can do about it. It also gives the particulars of Gap Picket Day and the Gap Boycott that it is launching. Go to our web site for more background info and boycott status or contact us at 415-731-7924/ , to mail it, fax it, or email it to you.

Picket Tips. This is a sheet of tips to help you answer critical questions when gathering signatures in a public place, such as in front of a Gap store.

Letter from Bob Fisher. Showing his affiliation with Mendocino Redwood Company (MRC). The official Gap, Inc. line is that Bob has nothing to do with MRC. Use this letter on the picket line to show Gap employees the truth.

"The Redwoods Weep." This article appeared in the Sept 28, 1998 edition of Time magazine the same day Mendocino activists met with John Fisher. It includes a very moving picture of a clearcut--effective for getting signatures--and an excellent one-page analysis of the shortcomings of the Headwaters Deal which leaves hundreds of thousands of acres of forest unprotected.

Sample Event Poster. Use this poster as a model for one announcing your event!

We don't have the luxury of time--the Redwood forest is being destroyed. We must bring massive public pressure to bear swiftly! The Fishers are clearcutting, cutting the last of the old growth, and spraying herbicides as I write this. They are doing to Mendocino County what Maxxam is doing to Humboldt County (Headwaters). Why? Indicators point to real-estate development once they squeeze the last nickel--and remaining lif--out of the forest.

The next few months are extremely critical. We really want to impact the Fishers during the holiday season. So please spread the word: If you love the Redwood forest, don't shop Gap, Banana Republic, or Old Navy this holiday season! No Christmas bonus for these billionaires, who are engaged in the final liquidation of the Redwood forest!

Good luck....And, again, many, many thanks for your commitment to the forest!

from Gap Picket Day/Boycott Organizers in San Francisco and northern California