Gap Chap
by Mischka Gerken

Gap is the chap
They're giving our earth
The shaft
It ain't no game
We got no choice
But to exclaim

Your winter harvest plan
That nast herbicide sprayin'

You got the money
11 billion, and that's
Not funny
We, we got some
Lives on the line

It's the water we drink
Gone in a blink
Our streams are chaffin'
And I ain't faking

The Redwood forrest
Don't deplore it
Rather I invite you
To come and explore

The marvel, the Murlet
Those threes ain't got no fleas
They make the air
That we breathe

Now we believe
You can make it
Don't wait
And break it
Change those ways
And keep us shoppers
At your ankles

The forrest needs a break
To settle down like a lake
Let your investments grow
And that'll really show
That you are the one's
To keep us all on the go


Yo Mr. Fischer
Come listen tither
I got some friends
Who are just gonna wither

If you keep up
Your policy
Of clearing and cutting
Down all the trees

It's the Coho
You know the ones
On the endangered list
Like a lisp
Gone with your surgery
Like an Earth face lift

So that's the story
Kind of gory
No more Coho 'cause
They're history

Got poisoned waters
Workless workers
Just a company richer
And land more worthless