The Fisher Family, founders and executives of the Gap clothing store chain, recently purchased 235,000 acres of cut-over Redwood forest in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties (California) from Louisiana Pacific Corporation. The Fishers' logging company, Mendocino Redwood Company (MRC), is clearcutting, spraying herbicides and logging the last of the old growth trees on these severely depleted forest lands. They also intend to log during the winter months, which is especially harmful to the endangered Coho salmon. The Fishers say they want to be "good stewards of the land." Their actions say otherwise.

The Coast Redwood forest and its dependent communities of people and wildlife have been hammered by years of "liquidation logging" and will not recover from this continuing assault. It must be stopped.

Mendocino Redwood Company (MRC) is financed by the Fisher family with their profits from Gap stores (a family fortune reported to be 11 billion dollars). The Fishers are the primary investors in the MRC, which is owned and controlled by the Fisher family through an investment group called Sansome Partners. (See: Donald Fisher is Chair of the Board of Gap, Inc. Bob Fisher, Donald's son, is Executive V-P and Chief Operating Officer of Gap, Inc. John Fisher, Donald's son, is a partner in the MRC.

Now you can help protect the Redwood forest with one simple act: Boycott Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Gap Kids stores until the Fisher family agrees to...
  • stop logging the last of the old growth
  • stop clearcutting
  • stop all winter operations
  • stop spraying herbicides that poison workers, neighbors, wildlife, water and soil
  • withdraw the worst of their logging plans and establish a recovery program for these seriously damaged forests

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