Greetings, New Activists on Our Network!

Thank you SO much for wanting to take action to protect the Earth's redwood forests from corporate despoilers, such as the Fishers of Gap, Inc.! In this welcome email, we outline several ways you can help! Please pick and choose the ones that appeal to you--and ACT NOW! Here are the categories, on which we elaborate below:

-Boycott the Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy, Of Course!
-Boycott All Redwood Products, Including "Certified" Redwood!
-WHERE WE NEED YOU MOST: Help Spread the Word!
-Plan a Demo!
-Sign and Circulate Our Petition!
-CA residents, Ask Your State Senator to Vote Aye On AB 717!
-Write CA Governor Davis and/or Other Key Officials!
-Write the Fishers--Send Them the Labels From Your Gap Clothes!
-Donate to Our Work: Lawsuits, Demos, Ads, Etc. (tax deductible!)
-FYI: Fisher Family Logging Fact List

***NEWS FLASH: In Jan. 2000 we had two MAJOR COURT VICTORIES over the Fishers of Gap, Inc., effectively halting 4 of their worst logging plans!!!***

***NEWS FLASH: On Feb 23, 2000, the struggle to save the redwood forests of Mendocino and Sonoma Counties from the Fishers of Gap, Inc. hit the front page of the Wall Street Journal ( )!

***NEWS FLASH: On March 11, the Gap Fishers' crisis of ethics, including environmental destruction, human rights violations, and animal rights abuses, was reported in the London Daily Telegraph (!***

***NEWS FLASH: On June 5, the BBC featured the Save the Redwoods - Boycott the Gap Campaign in an international news spot!!! ).


Boycott the Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy, Of Course!
The Fishers of Gap Inc bought 230,000 acres of redwood forestland in July of 1998--and they have been overlogging, clearcutting (of their more than 150 logging plans, 2/3 of them contain all or partial clearcuts!), highgrading (taking all the big trees), cutting the last of the old growth, applying herbicides, and systematically destroying watersheds (such as, taking 25% of their annual cut from 5% of their holdings, instead of distributing the cut over the entire area) ever since.

In addition, Gap Inc. uses sweatshop labor--people living in abject misery, making as little as 11 cents/hour, with no civil rights--to sew its clothes. The Gap has been named in a class-action suit filed on behalf of garment workers in Saipan--one of many third-world countries where Gap clothes are made. For more info on the Gap sweatshop campaign check out or email

Since the Fishers have made it clear that they care only about the bottom line, no matter what the price in environmental destruction, human misery, or animal cruelty, we launched the boycott and it's going strong!

Boycott Redwood Products and Be Wary of "Certified" Wood!
Please don't buy redwood products (as beautiful as they can be!) because ALL industrial redwood timberland is being ravaged by the timber corporations--especially don't buy Mendocino Redwood Company--the Fishers' liquidation logging company--products, which are sold at Home Depot.

Certified lumber (lumber that has a "green" label on it for being harvested in a "sustainable" fashion, with deference for the environment) has problems, too, because certification guidelines 1.) do not prohibit cutting old growth or logging in stream zones, with critical consequences on endangered species that depend on these trees, such as marbled murrelets and coho salmon, 2.) allow even-aged forest management--which effectively turns the forest into a tree farm, with disastrous consequences on biodiversity (forest species), 3.) do not allow the public to monitor either the procedures or the results--the certification process is private, and finally, 4.) certifiers have admitted that in order to promote certification, they often loosen the already loose guidelines--allowing timber companies to meet only some of the certification criteria on a wink and a promise that they will try to meet the rest in the future.

We strongly feel that although our State agencies are run by political lackeys and our politicians have been bought by the corporations including corporate timber and related development interests, privatizing the regulating process is not the way to go. Better to keep the process public and to make our political leaders and agencies enforce environmental laws.

******Note that on August 2, 1999, the Gap Fishers' liquidation logging company, MRC, was denied certification by not one, but two, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifying groups because they do not log sustainably. Further, the Fishers have publicly announced that they have abandoned the Sustained Yield Plan process. Yet, despite these two glaring facts, the Fishers and their spokespeople continue to tell the Public that they are logging sustainably. *******

Spread the Word!
This is where we need you most: spreading the word! Our forests are in a state of crisis and we desperately need to make the public aware of the situation! We have no budget for outreach--almost all grant money, donations, and proceeds from fundraisers go into lawsuits to keep trees in the ground while our public-pressure campaign matures--we've even put aside our restoration work to focus completely on stopping the overlogging. So, we rely on word-of-mouth from other environmentalists and concerned people like you!

To aid you in spreading the boycott message, we have a compact, informative leaflet with fun graphics that I can fax or snail-mail you (unfortunately, this is the one item in our Gap Picket Packet that cannot be downloaded from our web site): We can also snail-mail you the entire packet. Let me know! I'll need an address or fax number.

If you want to do even more in the outreach department, you can REALLY HELP by boning up on the situation (by reading the document titled "Concerns About Fisher Family Logging in Mendocino County" appended to the end of this email), and then contacting one or more of the major environmentalist and activist groups in your city or county--including student and religious organizations--and letting them know about the campaign.

Plan A Demo!
People in over 30 cities participated in simultaneous rallies to kick-off the Gap Boycott in November 1998. And we have been demoing ever since!!! In October 99, we celebrated the redwoods and workers rights with International Zap the Gap Week, featuring our now famous "We'd rather Wear Nothing Than Wear Gap!" action on both coasts! On November 26--the anniversary of the Gap Boycott--demos were held in Michigan, Florida, California, and Amsterdam, while many of us were in Seattle at the Rally of the Millenium to protest the World Trade Organization!

The success of that mass rally that brought the WTO (an elitist corporate club that meets secretly and over rules environmental, human rights, and labor laws that are viewed as barriers to free trade, i.e., corporate profit) to its knees has empowered us: There will be many more mass rallies on the horizon of this new millenium! We hope you will join us in reclaiming our government and our planet from pillaging global corporate interests to which the Fishers of Gap, Inc. aspire to be major players!

Here are some chants for your Gap demo:

Fisher Family, get a clue:
Logging old growth just won't do!

Donald Fisher, Don't you know--
Corporate Greed has got to go!

Shoppers, Beware!
The Gap is unfair!

Here's a good slogan for your banner:

For Redwoods and Workers
Boycott Gap!!!

(note: you can substitute Old Navy or Banana Republic, depending on where you are having your demo!)

***Contact me for info on demoing and your First Amendment rights and for help with media to publicize your demo!***

Sign and Circulate Our Petition!
Please sign our online petition at . If you want to do more, download a petition and circulate it! Nearly 20,000 people worldwide have signed our petition thus far. This is a powerful tool to let our political leaders, agency heads, and the Fishers know that a significant number of people do not want to see our redwood forestland in Mendocino liquidated.

On January 12, 2000, we presented the California Board of Forestry with these signatures!

Ask Your State Legislator to Vote Aye on AB 717 (Keeley)!
If you live in California, please contact your state Senator and gently ask her or him to vote Aye on a very important forestry reform bill: AB 717 authored by Assemblymember Keeley. It will be up for a vote in very soon. Check out to find out who your reps are and how to email, phone, or snail-mail them. Check for more info on this bill--or take my word for it: It will help save our overlogged forests!!!

Write Letters!
Contact CA Attorney General, Bill Lockyer, and Mendocino County Deputy DA Barry Vogel and demand they bring criminal charges against timber corporations and government officials who have destroyed our forests and fisheries:

Bill Lockyer, A.G.
1300 "I" Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
fax: 916-323-5341

Barry Vogel, D.A.
100 No. State Street
Ukiah, CA 95482

Contact CA Gov. Gray Davis and cc his Resources staff and tell them of your concern for the redwood forest, in particular, Mendocino's which have been so overlogged that they are on the verge of collapse and their endangered species, such as coho salmon, on the brink of extinction! Tell Davis to make good on his campaign promise to stop the cutting of old growth!

(Unfortunately, the new Democrat administration has also been co-opted by the corporations, including the timber industry. However, we must keep hammering away at them to protect the public trust--WE MUST RECLAIM OUR GOVERNMENT!)

Gray Davis
Governor of California
State Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA 95814
Voice: 916-445-2841 Fax: 916-445-4633 (no email address yet)

Mary Nichols, Secretary of Resources
California Resources Agency
1416 Ninth Street - Room 1311
Sacramento, CA 95814
fax (916) 653-8102

Andrea Tuttle,
Director of the CA Dept of Forestry
1416 Ninth Street
Sacramento, California 95814
voice: 916-653-7772 fax: 916-653-4171

You can write to the Fishers at the following address:

The Fisher Family
c/o Robert Fisher, Gap, Inc.
900 Cherry Ave
San Bruno, CA 94066
tel. (415) 427-2449
tel. (415) 427-2075

If you want to have a stronger impact, send them the labels from all the Gap clothes you currently own!

Note that many people and reputable organizations (such as the Sierra Club, RAN, and Forests Forever) have tried to intercede with letters, meetings, and/or press releases to the Fishers to no avail.

Side Bar: Facts Vs. Greenwashing!

If you do write to the Fishers, the Fisher family frontman, Sandy Dean, President of the Fishers' logging company, Mendocino Redwood, will send you their very personable and convincing four-page greenwash boilerplate letter. They're very good at PR (the Gap spent a reported 300 million on advertising last year), and this letter misrepresents what they are doing with great subtlety. That's why I'm including our rebuttal to this letter at the end of this email. You can also get this and more info, including pictures of Fisher clearcuts, at our web site:

Donate to Our Work: Lawsuits, Demos, Ads, Etc. (tax deductible!)
If you cannot take any other action, please donate to our efforts! Lawsuits are very expensive and very necessary to keep trees in the ground while our public-pressure campaign matures. Media-grabbing demos also cost money, as do ad campaigns! All donations are tax deductible!

Please make checks payable to Save The Redwoods/Boycott The Gap. Note in the memo field of your check how you want the money spent: Legal or SRBG (demos, ads, public education, outreach). Mail your check to SRBG (Save the Redwoods - Boycott the Gap), 252 Frederick Street, San Francisco, CA 94117.

Join Our Network!
I'd like to include you on our online network (over 60 cities in 30 states and Europe), so that you will receive regular updates and any pertinent calls to action (demos, letter-writing campaigns, etc.) We issue a nationwide newsletter once or twice a month. CA and Northern CA residents get more calls to action, for obvious reasons! Let me know the city/state or country you live in, so that I can put you on the right list.

In closing....

The fate of our magnificent redwood legacy and its dependent species--the heroic coho, the reclusive marbled murrelet, and so many others--is in our hands! Please continue to revere and defend these forests!

Fisher Family Logging Fact Sheet

Cheers and many thanks!

Mary Bull
Save the Redwoods/Boycott the Gap Campaign
252 Frederick Street, San Francisco, CA 94117 415-731-7924
Other Contacts/Information Sources:
Mary Pjerrou, Redwood Coast Watersheds Alliance
Mark Hilovsky, Builders Action Network
Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters
510-835-6303 Listserve
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followed by email address, then name)
Info on Gap Sweatshops:

"God bless the Ground! I shall walk softly there..."