Headwaters Action Video Collective & Video Activist Network present:
Timber GAP

MRC log deck in Ukiah, CA
GAP store security by SFPD
The late Judi Bari of Earth First!

The Fisher Family of GAP Inc. who made their fortune from exploiting sweatshop workers, is now exploiting Mendocino's redwood rainforests. Learn why Labor and Environmental activists came together in Seattle to protest corporate domination by transnational companies like The GAP.

(18 minutes). Produced by Headwaters Action Video Collective, James Ficklin, K. Rudin, P. Andrews

Preceded by a selection of:

Radical Shorts

Shut 'em Down (7 Min) by Whispered Media - An IMF/World Bank A16 "call to action", with new footage from anti-WTO/Seattle protests.

Tree Sit (trailer) for upcoming feature film by HAVC, (6 min) - about non-violent eco- resistance movement, focusing on the Headwaters Forest campaign and Julia Butterfly's marathon Tree-Sit.

Made in the USA? (6 min) An investigative look at the sweatshop labor exploitation on the S. Pacific island of Saipan, a colony of the US, where women workers are indentured servants and forced abortions are common.

Adbusters Subvertisments A variety of 30-second, super slick, anti-Ads procuded by the Media Fountation/Adbusters.

A Cry in the Woods (7 Min) by Lisa Grossman/Act Now Productions - The story of David Gypsy Chain, an Earth First! activist killed by a logger falling old growth redwoods near Headwaters Forest.

Images from the Redwood Forest (8 min) Produced by HAVC - Beautiful pristine forests, ugly clear-cuts, and brave tree-sitters set to music.

Copies of this video are for sale for $20.00. Please contact Mary Bull at chalicenew@earthlink.net for further information.

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