Save the Redwoods/Boycott the Gap
Boycott the Gap: WEF Report-back! Campaign Update! Call to Action!
Posted by Mary Bull (
Saturday, February 23, 2002

Greetings, Earth Defenders and Social Justice Activists Around the Globe!

It's been nearly three months since our last newsletter! New Year Greetings!
This update comes on the heels of our TRIUMPHANT RETURN from the MASS
this month, and the news that, as of last week, GAP'S CREDIT RATING has been
DEVALUED to JUNK-BOND status. ...We knew our Gap actions on Feb 1 and 2 in
NYC were powerful, but hadn't expected results quite this quickly
;-)--though it definitely appears that NYC is what has been single-handedly
keeping Gap afloat this past year (they have 26 Gap stores on Manhattan
alone), but not after Feb 1! ...In this newsletter and call to action:

-WEF Mass Protests (Feb 1, 2) - Report-back!
-MacWorld Gap Actions (Jan 7--11) - Report-back!
-International Day of Action Against Gap (Dec 1, 2001): Report-back!
-Mobilize for MASS PROTESTS in D.C. (SOA/WB - April) & ALBERTA (G8 - June)!
-California's OLD-GROWTH INITIATIVE: Call for Volunteers!
-Mobilize for UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE: Leaflet John Q!
-Stop SLAVE-TRADE CHOCOLATE: Join the Fair-trade Chocolate Crusade!
-Help Desperate Farm Workers: Support the TACO BELL TRUTH TOUR!
-Join the New Student Mobilization for WEST PAPUA!
-Mobilize to Defend the LAST ANCIENT REDWOODS!
-Mobilize to Defend EASTERN FORESTS!
-BAY AREA CALENDAR of upcoming actions & events (highlights):
---2/22, SF: Going-away Party for Juliette Beck!
---2/23, SF: Peace March & Rallies! (SUV Counter Rally!)
---2/24, Oak: Bay Area Action Council Meeting!
---2/25, SF: WEF & WSF Report-backs!
---2/25, SF: Prop A (Instant Run-off Voting) Party & Call for Volunteers!
---2/27, SF: RALLY AGAINST RACISM: Contact SF Supervisors!!!
---2/28, Oak: RALLY Against Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown!
---2/28, SF: Alternative Energy Panel Discussion/Teach-in!!!
---3/02, SF: House Party for Youth Force Coalition!!!
---3/03, SF: Animal Rights Campaign to Shut-Down UCSF Lab: Strat Session!!!
---3/03, SF: People's Global Action Regional Organizing Meeting!!!
---3/04, Ala: Picket Against the Alameda County Super Jail for Kids!!!
---3/08, SF: Rally for Farmworkers: Taco Bell Truth Tour!!!!
---3/08-10, SF: Celebrate International Woman's Day!!
---3/09, SF: Voices Rising: Hip-hop Benefit for Speak Out!

***NEWS FLASH: For a while now, our fellow forest defenders at RAINFOREST
ACTION NETWORK have wanted to support our campaign for permanent protection
of the Gap Fishers' redwood holdings. RAN recently produced a STATEMENT that
STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL, the private group that certified the Fishers' forest
destruction as "green." You may now review the RAN statement at our web

***NEWS FLASH: Gap's new credit rating is the first official indication that
this corporation is NEVER GOING TO FULLY RECOVER. Gap's financial demise is
due at least in part--some think in large part--to the success of the
consumer-pressure campaign. And even though the Fishers and the Gap have not
yet been big enough to admit this and do something about it, there is still
hope for the Fisher redwood forest and Gap sweatshop workers, and we have no
intention of letting up till the FAT LADY SINGS. At the very least, the
GAP'S FATE will be a harbinger of things to come for all corporate
exploiters. When the time is right, we'll make this point clear with a
powerful action and press conference.***

BACKGROUND. The WEF is a dues-paying club of about 1000 of the richest, most
powerful corporations on Earth. The WEF takes credit for the creation of the
World Trade Organization, among other undemocratic, exploitative trade
policies and institutions that are ruining the planet and crushing the
people living on it. These CEOs and their attendant heads-of-state usually
meet once a year in the ski resort of Davos, Switzerland. Disrupted by mass
protests in recent years, the WEF sought to avoid the clamor for democracy,
justice, and accountability by holding its meeting in the US, where civil
liberties have been sharply curtailed in the name of the "war on terrorism."
They further hedged their bets by choosing grief-stricken NYC as the site of
their annual cocktail party. (See
ttp:// - for
more info on the WEF.)

The WEF MASS PROTESTS, which attracted between 10,000 & 20,000 protestors,
marked the first mass action in the US since September 11. As such, it
marked a powerful RECLAIMING of the PUBLIC's POLITICAL SPACE and
RE-ASSERTION of our CIVIL RIGHTS. These demonstrations also sharply exposed
the CORPORATE OLIGARCHY and the POLICE STATE that it requires to protect it
in their **MASSIVE** DISPLAY of FORCE & WEAPONRY aimed directly at the
people, democracy, and justice. (See for WEF protest coverage.)

Save the Redwoods/Boycott the Gap activists ACUTELY FELT this CRITICAL
CALL-TO-ACTION, and the compelling need to re-assert our constitutional
rights and join our voices with those of thousands of others demanding
democracy, global justice, and a sustainable planet. So, on the heels of two
major and successful organizing efforts--the International Day of Action
Against the Gap (Dec 1) and the MacWorld Gap Actions (Jan 7--11)--we
mobilized for New York!

Our affinity group (AG) consisted of 16 STELLAR ACTIVISTS: Stump Crew
travelling from California by ground (MARK, RIO, & Mary B.); Forests Forever
(Fo-Fo) Contingent, travelling from California by air (KEN, CHAD, NICK, PJ,
THRUSH, & AMANDA), Home Crew, supporting our efforts from home (MARY PJ,
MARGOT, & CAROLYN), and FOUR activists who joined our group in NY--RACHEL
(from Davis CA currently at NYU), IAN (a high-school teacher in Naples, FL),
TIM (a veteran CA Gaptivist now attending NYU), & LUCIOUS (a terrific
activist from New Haven, CT)! (Bernardo of DC gets an honorable mention!)

CROSS-COUNTRY ROADSHOW (Jan 28--Jan 31)! We transported the Fisher REDWOOD
STUMP (5.5. ft. diameter, ~200 years old) cross-country, driving three days
around-the-clock in a pick-up truck, often through snow and ice. We did
telephone interviews with public, university, and news-talk radio stations
and print MEDIA ALL ALONG THE WAY--thanks to our loving GUARDIAN ANGEL back
home, MARY PJERROU, who plotted our course avoiding the worst weather, kept
us informed via cell phone, and sprinkled press releases ahead of us, like
bread-crumbs guiding our way!!! As a result, the OUTREACH ACROSS AMERICA'S
HEARTLAND for redwoods and workers, the state of the planet, and what people
can do about it was AWESOME! Everywhere we went, people were by turns
interested, sympathetic, and thrilled to be touched by this action!

SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE (Thurs, Jan 31, 1 PM)! Our first stop in NYC was at the
School of the Future, a public high school for academically inclined kids of
color in midtown Manhattan, where we did a presentation on why we were
there--i.e., corporate economic globalization, the Gap boycott, and
activism--to savvy 11th and 12th graders. They were awesome! One kid was
amazing in his authoritative NJ accent, "You don't need to explain about the
redwoods--they shouldn't be cut. I saw 'em once. They should be saved." This
wonderful intro to New York & New Yorkers happened serendipitously through
the Stump Crew's kind and radical host ANDY, who teaches at the school.

RALLY FOR THE PEOPLE (AFL-CIO GAP DEMO, Thurs, Jan 31, 4PM). After our
presentation, we ate a quick lunch of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes from an
awesome, inexpensive Italian deli that just happened to be right where we
parked (ah, New York!), as we high-tailed it to the Gap Labor Demo uptown,
where Organized Labor spokespeople, including John Sweeney, talked about how
the "race to the bottom" for the cheapest labor is deeply hurting families
and communities at home and abroad. I leafletted passers-by, while Mark &
Rio looked for a place to park (this activity would occupy much of our time
in NY!). At this rally, we discovered that in New York, the public is not
allowed to stop and take in a demo--unbelievably enough, they are ordered to
move on by the police--a leaflet and the evening news is as good as it gets
for them. It was great to see the shining faces of some terrific global
movement activists--like LISA FITHIAN, ANTONIA JUHASZ, & DREW DELLINGER--in
the crowd! I was happily drafted into the sneak-preview of the GIANT PUPPET
PLAY that would be performed in full during the MAIN EVENT on Saturday.
After the demo, I needed to make some calls and had a few moments of TRUE
BLISS in a REAL NEIGHBORHOOD BAR (these are being rapidly displaced by
trendy meat markets) at 1st and 69th (Katy Muldoon's or somesuch),
**CONNECTING** with New Yorkers--some union iron-workers and an unassuming
suit--while Mark and Rio ate slices and waited for AAA to jump-start the
truck (don't ask)...

RALLY FOR THE PLANET (OUR GAP DEMO, Fri, Feb 1, 12 noon)!!! The following
day, we had our Gap demo at Gap's East Coast HQ on 5th and 54th Street--the
crossroads of the ruling class! When it came to stump logistics, NYC posed a
series of formidable challenges--unloading, parking, moving--which we
managed to hurdle. The rest of our MIRACULOUS AG appeared that morning right
on cue from the Four Corners of the Earth, and we ROLLED THE STUMP STRAIGHT
UP TO THE DOOR OF THE GAP! We were joined by ADAM WEISSMAN and our long-time
friends at NYC's indefatigable Wetlands Preserve Activist Center, as well as
by several of the NY anti-WEF organizers, including TODD and LINDSEY, and by
many other wonderful activists, including a SAMBA BAND (Reclaim the
Beats)!!! The MEDIA OUTREACH was nothing less than STUPENDOUS: The members
of our AG alone must have done a DOZEN interviews apiece; we made front page
of the Philadelphia Inquirer, and every other mainstream and alternative
media venue, in spades; the best PHOTOS I've seen were Reuters (which made
the stump look even bigger than it actually is!) and the NY Daily News
(which gives you some idea of the PHENOMENAL extent of the media coverage).
Click on the following for Reuters and AP shots of the demo (the captions
were good, too; the articles only so-so, but we made up for that in TV and
radio interviews--by that evening, everywhere we went with the stump, we
were recognized!):*

(Check out for our own pics and video clips coming soon!)

Once our sound-permit kicked in, RACHEL led us in SONG from our REPERTOIRE
of anti-Gap tunes, highlighting our latest, slightly modified version of
Woody Guthrie's classic: "This land is your land, this land is my land, from
California to the New York island, from the redwood forest to the gulf coast
waters, this land is SAVED by you and me!" RIO, ADAM, and others spoke from
the stump, while others leafletted the crowds, drummed, or continued to
speak with media. We were all HEADY from the SUCCESS of this demo--and sleep
deprivation--as we headed downtown to our NEXT ACTION....

OPENING VIGIL (Fri, Feb 1, 6 PM)! The NY organizers invited the PAGAN
CLUSTER, an incredible network of global activists who bring earth-based
spirituality--as well as art, dance, music, humor, enormous courage, and
magic--to activism (STARHAWK is the most celebrated member of this group,
and a long-time supporter of our Campaign), to organize the permitted,
kick-off event for the weekend of WEF protests: A RITUAL focused on HEALING
and TRANSFORMATION to which all were invited! The date could not have been
more perfect--one of the most powerful in the pagan calendar: The FEAST of
ST. BRIGID (the pagan goddess of water, fire, and BLACKSMITHS; later adopted
by Christians as a healer of the sick and comforter of the poor). Activists
participating in this event decided to create portable SHRINES depicting our
VISIONS OF THE FUTURE, among other themes. During the ritual, the tools to
realize these visions would be symbolically created with BRIGID'S FORGE...

For this special action, our group created a 3-D TRIPTYCH of a SUSTAINABLE
flanked by a SUSTAINABLE NEW YORK CITY on the east--brightly-colored
SKYSCRAPERS topped with WINDMILLS, solar panels, organic farms and
orchards!--and a SUSTAINABLE RURAL VILLAGE on the west--complete with hot
springs, cultivated fields, wild woodlands, and its own STONEHENGE! A blue
gauze banner-skirt connected these dioramas like flowing waters, and
attendees added their own components to the vision--in words and
drawings--on blue strips of ribbon provided. IT IS UTTERLY AWESOME, realized
through the ARTISTIC DIRECTION of KEN SHIMIZU--a young sculptor with a
talent as huge as Henry Moore's--who delighted in building this TOY MODEL OF
PARADISE FOUND (carved from found foam insulation), and with whom building
it in the wee hours the week before had been a delight! The Triptych Team

The TRIPTYCH made the trip across country and was reassembled in Washington
Square Park--a magical feat in itself! The STUMP was also part of the
setting for the ritual. The WEATHER MAGICALLY CLEARED for the event, but the
COPS came down like LEADEN RAIN--antsy to flex all their ridiculous muscle
(they had spent millions)... We were hassled, our 6-inch dowels for the
triptych were confiscated as dangerous weapons (later sheepishly returned),
and we were all threatened with mass arrests--dozens of paddy wagons and
even a helicopter at the ready!--if we didn't clear out by 8 PM... ***Still,
everyone had a marvelous time: walking with witches, dancing the spiral
dance, and raising a healing energy for the Earth!*** THREE MIGHTY CHEERS

BIG MARCH (Sat, Feb 2, 12 noon)! This was the MAIN EVENT--a permitted march
that everyone could join with minimal risk of arrest, organized by a medley
of terrific NY activists, grassroots groups, and students, mostly of a
direct-action/anarchist bent (NGOs and Organized Labor were conspicuously
absent), working under an umbrella called ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE. By
comparison, the demos that led to this event had been sparsely attended
(100--500): People obviously came when they could get away--on the
weekend--about 20,000 of them!!!

We gathered at the SE corner of Central Park--a sea of spirited people and
colorful props made by Arts in Action among others--for a rally, including
songs, speeches, and a GIANT PUPPET PLAY, complete with the TRUTH FAIRY
(Antonia Juhasz, the policy wonkette who knows all!), and then marched to
the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, where the WEF was meeting. The NYPD began their
SENSELESS, PUNITIVE TACTICS at the start of the march, making the entire
assembly move through a tiny bottleneck about five-people wide (they had to
adjust the barricades for the stump!)--a long and tedious process--before we
were allowed to take the street. (Later, the NYPD would attack and arrest
about 40 marchers for wearing masks (!?!)--however, most of this
Anti-Capitalist Convergence/Reclaim the Streets contingent escaped brutality
& arrest by being SWALLOWED up into the march by their fellow activists,
including us.) None the less, SPIRITS WERE SOARING!!!

We drummed, chanted, sang, danced, spoke, and created mini-demos at
corporate exploiters, like Gap and Citigroup, along the parade route! Our
contingent created a sensation among protestors and media alike--the STUMP
AGAIN was a huge attention-grabber! People just MELTED at the sight of the
BABY REDWOOD CROSS-SECTION (at one point, a group of black bloc anarchists
circled round the stump and hugged and kissed it)! We were interviewed by
Amy Goodman among many others.

The march ended about five hours later in a stand-off between police and
protestors. A NY organizer made it all the way back to us (by this time, we
were bringing up the very rear of the march--followed by three rows of
cops--due to the sheer gravity of the stump!) and asked us to bring our
BANNER--our great GRIM REAPER (painted by 75-year-old Joan Norman, she'd
broken her shoulder at RAN's forest action camp, which prevented her from
joining us this time!), made for the WTO in 1999 and re-purposed once more
as the WEF--to the FRONT-LINE. RIO & I braved SARDINE-CAN conditions to
bring the banner to the fore. But when the great GIANT DRAGON (from D.C., I
believe) decided to join the frontliners, the crowding was just too much. As
we retreated to re-join our AG, we squeezed passed STARHAWK who was moving
with purpose in the opposite direction, and I wondered what magic she had in
mind to transform the situation, regretting that my duties lay elsewhere...

The POLICE were at their BYZANTINE WORST at this point, erecting arbitrary,
elaborate, and nonsensical barricades, and managed to separate the various
members of our AG. It was hours before we got the stump re-united with the
truck, and it had to be done with a POLICE ESCORT. Despite this and other
unjustifiable police behavior, for us the MARCH was both TRIUMPHANT and
EMPOWERING. It was the first mass action for several members of our AG, and
it was great to see them experience that INCOMPARABLE, DIZZYING SENSE OF

GRAND CENTRAL STATION SPIRAL DANCE (Feb 2 surprise capper)! While we were
working on stump logistics after the march, unknown to us, the other global
activists had dispersed and headed toward Grand Central Station, where the
Pagan Cluster led everyone present in a SPONTANEOUS SPIRAL DANCE!!! ***What
a capper it must have been!*** Not being there, I can only imagine something
along the lines of the waltz scene from "The Fisher King"--only better,
because it was REAL! From all accounts, it was--well, a magical experience!
I regret we missed it, but...

IN SUMMARY. Given stump logistics (not least of all, the several hours it
took to find parking in Brooklyn every night!), we missed a LOT, including
all the organizing meetings, art-making sessions, and spokes-councils,
despite our best intentions otherwise. And because we had to make the long
journey back, we also missed Sunday's and Monday's follow-up actions at
Arthur Andersen (ENRON accountants) and the ARGENTINE CONSULATE, in
solidarity with HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of middle-class Argentineans,
revolting against free trade and what it has done to their country, once the
poster-child of neo-liberalism! Finally, we missed the march for animal
rights and the environment, where the police went wild with illegal mass
arrests--about 200 (note the City of New York just paid ~$500,000 for NYPD
transgression of First Amendment rights at a previous protest, and it looks
like they'll have to pay again)!

However, THE EFFECT THE STUMP HAD was ultimately worth the time and trouble!
The stump has always been a charismatic object, but in New York, it BLEW OUT
ALL THE STOPS!!! Everywhere we went, the baby redwood cross-section provided
a vivid and deeply moving indictment of corporate greed and the deadly
infrastructure we're attempting to transform. It invoked INCREDIBLE
TENDERNESS and AWE from just about EVERYONE who saw it, INCLUDING THE COPS.
And this little drama unfolded over and over again...

The anti-WEF protests were a great Festival of Resistance, to which we added
significantly with our collective spirit, redwood stump, artwork (the
triptych shrine of a sustainable planet), roadshow, and Gap warm-up action!
We accomplished an amazing amount of outreach for the world's forests and
other aspects of globalization at home and abroad, and of course, paramount,
the issues of redwood deforestation, sweatshop labor, and the Gap Boycott.
We handed out about 12,000 LEAFLETS in total, and media coverage was about
as good as it gets.


THANK YOU, NY LEGAL EAGLES!!! Our personal experience with the NYPD and
their Intel division was mixed. They escorted us from our staging area to
the Gap demo and were there in force (see Washington Post and NYT's photos).
Many were very friendly and some VISIBLY AWED by the stump, while others
were contentious and attempted to circumscribe our rights. NY attorneys from
the ACLU (CHRIS) and from the National Lawyers Guild (ED) observing our
event nipped this infringement in the bud. LESLIE BRODY of the NLG was the
police liaison for our demo and the Big March (her nine-year-old daughter,
btw, is known to walk into Gap stores and confront shoppers on the issues!).
MAC SCOTT of the People's Law Collective got us our SOUND PERMIT and
shepherded the Opening Vigil through the permit process!!! MANY THANKS TO
this article, the police brutalized other members of the public and made
mass illegal arrests on no provocation. The PEOPLE'S LAW COLLECTIVE is
handling their legal defense:

***PLEASE donate via money order to PLC, 126 University Place, 5th Flr, NY
10003 ***

NEW YORK HOSTS for an empowering and powerful FESTIVAL OF RESISTANCE!!!
These incredible organizers also supported our group very generously AT
EVERY TURN--media, outreach, legal advice, art material sources, housing,
and turning out for our demo!!! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!

JOURNEY HOME. The Stump Crew passed through formidable towns, homeward
bound: Louisville, Kentucky; St. Louis, Missouri--and THAT LEGEND OF THE
PRAIRIES: The Socialist Republic of LAWRENCE, KANSAS (they've done a lot of
Gap demos in Lawrence, as well, and it was great fun to set foot there!),
where we got provisions at their wonderful natural foods store (26 years
old, they boasted!) and talked with fellow dread-locked radicals about our
ADVENTURES IN DEMOCRACY, and left the last of our leaflets... We saw MIGHTY
polluted RIVERS like the OHIO, the MISSOURI, and the incredible, incredible
MISSISSIPPI... We hit the HIGH PLAINS and skirted the ROCKIES. And all along
the way, where once there had been unique, diverse home-grown cafes, motels,
souvenir shops, curiosity museums, independent gas stations, gin joints, and
jazz clubs--OASES of AMERICANA, footprints of American culture, tributes to
creative, small-scale entrepreneurism--there is now CORPORATE MONOCULTURE:
blando franchises, uniform wares, and a terrible sameness.

In early Jan we got wind of a Gap-hosted kick-off party for MacWorld, the
huge, week-long, Mac users convention in SF, where Steve Jobs unveils his
latest high-tech achievement. It turns out that Jobs sits on the Gap
Board--in fact, Gap and Apple have interlocking Boards of Directors (please,
Steve, think different!). We decided to outreach to Mac users, and we
created a unique Mac User Group to that end: Mac Users Against Gap. Like
good conventioneers, we had printed name tags that designated us as
such--very tongue-in-cheek--and Mary Pj created a terrific leaflet for the
occasion, uniting the Apple logo with a lovely Julia Butterfly drawing of a
redwood tree!

It was one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL DEMOS we've ever done: The sidewalk outside
the new Gap HQ (subsidized by taxpayers to the tune of $18 million), where
the party was to be held, is of EMPIRE PROPORTIONS... At least THIRTY
ACTIVISTS alternating with REDWOOD SAPLINGS created a SACRED SPACE--a deeply
moving, ARCING SEMI-CIRCLE--around the STUMP, which sat center, underneath
our special banner--Mac Users Against Gap--all lit by Gap's empire
neo-classical lighting under the Gap logo. We sang songs from our anti-Gap
repertoire and created a new anti-Gap cheer that thundered through-out

Who are we?
Mac Users Against Gap!
W-H-O A-R-E W-E ? ? ? ? ?
M-A-C U-S-E-R-S A-G-A-I-N-S-T G-A-P ! ! ! ! !

What we got for our trouble besides the moral edification was an amazing,
right-on, perfect-tone article the following Monday, Jan 14, by
none-other-than the SF Chronicle's high-tech columnist Henry Norr, who was
critiquing the MacWorld convention. (The news crews did not air their clips
because the party had been canceled, and Pia broke her camera so we have no
pics of the event).

SEVERAL OF US went on to leaflet the convention throughout the week--and the
response was UTTERLY AWESOME (Mac Users really ARE more progressive than the
average citizen!).


Our entire 2001 GAP CAMPAIGN centered around this event and the Regional
Months of Action leading to it. It was an enormous success--with
approximately 200 Gap actions throughout the US, UK, and Canada during the
holiday season, and dozens upon dozens of actions--great and
small--throughout the year and around the globe leading to the main holiday
event! In the Bay Area, over 50 people committed to donning Santa suits,
carrying the 200-foot, anti-Gap clothesline-banner, and singing sweatshop
and deforestation carols at the four Gap stores circling Union Square! Due
Still, the SFPD gave us a lane of traffic, and our procession--though
SOGGY--was colorful and SPIRITED!


The ANTIDOTE to rage, impotence, and despair--is ACTION : Taking political
action for true democracy and justice! Doing this with many thousands of
like-minded and like-hearted people--well, it just doesn't get much better!
Here are three upcoming opportunities to speak Truth to Power en masse:

-April 19--22, DC: SHUT DOWN THE SOA/Stop Plan Colombia!!! The School of the
Americas (SOA), renamed the "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security
Cooperation" (WHISC), is a military training school for Latin American
soldiers, located at Fort Benning, GA. Over its 56 years, the SOA has
trained over 60,000 Latin American soldiers in counterinsurgency techniques,
sniper training, commando and psychological warfare, military intelligence and interrogation tactics (torture training manuals have been found on the premises). Colombia, with over 10,000 troops trained at the SOA, is the school's largest customer. Colombia currently has the worst human rights record in all of Latin America, averaging one massacre per day. 2,000,000 people have been killed or displaced by civilian-targeted warfare carried out by graduates of the SOA. Schedule of events:

Fri, Apr 19: Vigil and Lobbying to Shut Down the SOA at the US Capitol
(Upper Senate Park)
Sat, Apr 20: Nat'l Youth & Student Peace Coalition Demo, Teach In,
Direct Action Training, Concert
Sun, Apr 21: Colombia Mobilization Festival of Hope: Speakers, Music,
Puppets, Street Theatre
Mon, April 22: Solidarity March and Nonviolent Direct Action

More info:

--Apr 20-21, DC: PROTEST THE IMF & WORLD BANK! Mobilization for Global
Justice is calling for mass actions protesting the IMF & World Bank who are
meeting this same weekend in DC! More info will be forthcoming!

--June, Alberta, Canada: MASS PROTESTS AGAINST THE G8! The Group of Eight is
meeting in Alberta, Canada, in June. According to the UN, G8 policies are
responsible for the deaths of 19,000 children a day. Planning is just
getting under way for mass protests against the G8 and their policies at the
Alberta summit. A Solidarity Tent Village (from June 21--28) is in the
works--the web-page is under construction Please check out the following URLs for
more info: & .

***Given the proximity of Alberta, SRBG may organize a group to join the
demonstrations! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in coming with us
or meeting us there!!!***

***Meanwhile, a rough and ready NOVA SCOTIA GAPTIVIST, Aaron Doncaster, is
fired up about organizing a related GAP ACTION in BANFF and/or CALGARY. If
you are planning to go and want to help organize the action, contact Aaron

This one's a no-brainer: Stop logging trees 150 years old or older (less
than 3% left in California!). 420,000 signatures are needed before the end
of April to get the initiative on the November ballot. Of course, the
initiative does not address the protection of most of the forest land and
resources in California, which are being obliterated by commercial timber
interests at a nauseating rate. Some feel that, if passed, Californians will
believe that forests are adequately protected; that misconception can be
avoided with a little education--a leaflet and a few judicious words as
people sign the petition. To help with this important initiative:

-GATHER SIGNATURES! Check out for the forms
center nearest you or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to CFOG, PO
Box 17456, Los Angeles, CA 90017.

-DONATE! Make your check payable to CFOG (Campaign for Old Growth) and mail
to PO Box 714, Ukiah, CA 95482.

-DISTRIBUTE THIS CALL-FOR-VOLUNTEERS! Send this call-for-volunteers to your
email lists, friends, & family!

-MORE INFO: (213) 484-4474

***SRBG will be tabling for this and other forest issues in the coming
weeks! If you want to join us, PLEASE CONTACT 415-731-7924 ***

Mobilize for Universal Health Care: Leaflet John Q!
The CORPORATIZATION of HEALTH CARE has been an unmitigated disaster in this
country resulting in skyrocketing premiums, degraded, impersonalized care,
and 47 MILLION people without health insurance. The US is the only
industrialized nation without universal health care, and we pay more than
any other country for our health care. We all have horror stories to tell.
Health care and corporate profiteering, like education and corporate
profiteering, don't mix--the goals are mutually exclusive.

***Universal Health Care activists are rallying around the movie, JOHN Q,
which runs with some of these themes, providing an opportunity to get the
general public moving on this critical issue! Activists are leafletting
movie-goers as they leave the theaters! Public response has been great!***

To find out more about the issue and what you can do, contact 888-442-4255.
Twenty-three chapters throughout California. Gray Panthers are also big on
this issue!!!

Stop Slave-trade Chocolate: Join the Fair-trade Chocolate Crusade!
Global Exchange launched a fair-trade chocolate campaign on Feb 14. Why?

* 43% of the worldıs cocoa comes from the Ivory Coast, a country where child
slave labor was recently uncovered on cocoa plantations! Cocoa workers who
are actually paid get wages that leave them at the edge of poverty and
* The world market price of cocoa has fallen so low- currently at 40 cents
per pound- that cocoa plantation owners have been forced to use child slaves
or pay their workers poverty wages.
* Though many companies in the US chocolate industry have agreed to work
towards ending child slavery, their plan includes no provisions to insure
that adult workers are given fair working conditions and wages, which is the
only way to guarantee that slavery doesn't resurface or continue in secret.
* Not a single company in the $13 billion US Chocolate industry sells Fair
Trade Certified Chocolate, meaning that cocoa workers will be left with
poverty wages even after child slavery is eradicated.

For sources of fair-trade chocolate, see . To help with the campaign,
contact Melissa at or 415-255-7296 x 352

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers needs your help to make Taco Bell a part
of the solution in Florida's farmworkers' fight for dialogue and a fair
wage. By contracting for cheap tomatoes grown and picked by farmworkers paid
sub-poverty wages in Florida (workers are paid 40 cents for a 32-lb bucket
of tomatoes--to make $50 a day, a worker would have to pick 2 tons), Taco
Bell (with sales of more than $5 billion in 1999, while Tricon, Inc., Taco
Bell's parent corporation--together with Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried
Chicken--reported worldwide system sales of over $22 billion last year)
contributes significantly to the continued misery of farmworkers and their

Write or call Emil J. Brolick, President and Chief Concept Officer Taco Bell
Corp.--17901 Von Karman Irvine, California 92614 tel. (949) 863-4500--and
tell him what you think.

Support the Truth Tour:

-TAMPA, FL Thursday, Feb. 28, 2002
-ATLANTA, GA Friday, March 1
-SOUTH BEND, IN Saturday, March 2
-CHICAGO, IL Sunday, March 3
-MADISON, WI Monday, March 4
-DENVER, CO Wednesday, March 6
-SAN FRANCISCO, CA Friday, March 8
-FRESNO, CA Saturday, March 9
-LOS ANGELES: Sunday, March 10: day of music, workshops, and ACTION!
-IRVINE, Monday, March 11: March on Taco Bell Corporate Headquarters
-FLAGSTAFF, AZ Tuesday, March 12
-ALBUQUERQUE, NM Wed., March 13
-OKLAHOMA CITY, OK Thurs., March 14
-LITTLE ROCK, AR Friday, March 15
-MEMPHIS, TN Saturday, March 16

Check for exact details and contacts for each
stop on the tour as they become available. Contact Phone #: (941-821-5481)
OR (941-285-2368) or Interfaith Action of Southwest Florida (941- 839-3970);
in Southern CA: TOLL FREE: 866.206.9073 x3706

Join the Student Mobilization for West Papua!
West Papua shares the island of New Guinea with Papua New Guinea. Right now,
while New Guinea's virgin rainforests--some of the last on the face of the
earth--are being pillaged by corporate timber interests, the Indonesia
military has been massacring the people of West Papua, who were sold down
the river by the UN in 1962. Recently retired UN officials have begun to
talk about the whitewash, throwing international attention on West
Papua--with Irish students taking a lead! Read on!!!

Face Up (Irish magazine for young people) January 2002
Starting to Remember that West Papua Exists

For many years the world turned a blind eye to the little country of West
Papua and allowed it to be oppressed by Indonesia. But not any more.
Students in Laois and people worldwide are beginning to campaign for the
freedom of a country long forgotten, writes Clare O'Grady Walshe.There is no
doubt that West Papua, which has lost over 100,000 or 10% of its people to
the Indonesian military, is not a priority of either the Irish government or
the international community. Not yet anyway! This is why the recent
decision of students in Laois to begin to campaign for West Papua is very
welcome. They have set up a group called Students for West Papua, and would
like to form a network of students in Ireland. They can be contacted at and plan to develop a special student section
of West Papua Action's website

The question of West Papua has been buried so deep it takes a while to
realize "Irian Jaya, Indonesia" is the same place on the map as "West
Papua", that West Papua shares the island of New Guinea with Papua New
Guinea, and that both are directly north of Australia. Together with the
Amazon, New Guinea has one of the largest surviving tracts of virgin
rainforest in world. Often described as the lungs of the world, these
forests are being cut down at an alarming rate.

West Papua was dropped off the United Nations agenda on one of the darkest
days in that international body's history. The Netherlands, which
controlled West Papua, signed an agreement with Indonesia at UN headquarters
in 1962, giving de-facto control of West Papua to Indonesia: the West
Papuans weren't consulted. The agreement said there would be an "act of
self-determination in accordance with international practice" by 1969.

In 1969, after having killed an estimated 30,000 people, the Indonesian
military regime rounded up 1,025 elders and intimidated them into voting, in
public, to integrate with Indonesia. The ballot wasn't secret; less than 1%
voted (800,000 Papuans lived there then); the vote was unanimous. The UN
representative in West Papua at the time, Fernando Ortiz-Sanz, presented a
report of the take-over, which contained at least one lie, and which did not
clearly say that the vote was NOT "in accordance with international
practice"; the countries of the world took "note" of this report on 19
November 1969, and the question of West Papua dropped into darkness.

Apart from two international journalists who were witnesses to the farce,
there has been a deafening silence in political and UN circles about the
betrayal of the Papuans.Until today, that is. In a stunning breakthrough,
a former top UN official who was involved in the take-over, has gone on the
"It was just a whitewash. The mood at the United Nations was to get rid of
this problem as quickly as possible," said Chakravarthy Narasimhan, a
retired U.N. undersecretary general who handled the takeover. "Nobody gave a
thought to the fact that there were a million people there who had their
fundamental human rights trampled," he said in a telephone interview from
his home in Madras, India. "Suharto was a terrible dictator," Narasimhan
said. "How could anyone have seriously believed that all voters unanimously
decided to join his regime? Unanimity like that is unknown in democracies."

Former Irish minister for foreign affairs, David Andrews, followed this by
saying that the international community and the UN should revisit the "sham"
of the "Act of 'Free' Choice" (as the so-called vote was called). Another
former foreign minister, Dick Spring, added: "This admission by the former
UN official lends irrefutable credibility to the West Papuan people's long
struggle for a proper act of self-determination and casts a dark shadow on
the UN itself, which cannot be left stand."

Irish solidarity organization West Papua Action is running a campaign to
have the UN re-open the question. Now that the door to freedom for West
Papua has been unlocked, every single person's actions will help to open it
wide. For more information, contact West Papua Action, c/o Afri, 134
Phibsborough Road Dublin 7 Tel. 01 8827563 / 8827581 Mobile. *353 87 2969742
Email. Students for West

To get on the International Action for West Papua, send an email to .

Mobilize to Defend the Last of the Ancient Redwoods!
From NCEF!: Please come to Humboldt County ACTION CAMP NOW to participate in
a campaign to save the last of the Old Growth Redwoods, which are on the
chopping block NOW! THP 01-382 has just been APPROVED by the CDF, and
contains an UNENTERED Old Growth Redwood grove. A base camp is being
maintained at Grizzly Creek State Park and the Van Duzen County Park,
"Swimmer's Delight." We have to move every two weeks or so (camp rules), so
if we're not at one, we're at the other.

DIRECTIONS: Hwy 36 12 miles to Swimmer Delight on the right (look for
brown highway signs denoting > camping, picnicking and swimming--there's a
large wood sign but it's hard to read) and 17 miles to Grizzly Creek on the
Right (clearly marked).**** PLEASE COME to Humboldt County, for the Old
Growth, for Gypsy, and for the Earth!

Donations are definitely needed, so if you can't make it up here yourself,
you can always send us help. We can always use cash, wool and waterproof clothing, non-perishable food (pref. organic), video and still cameras, walkie-talkies, sleeping bags, backpacks, headlamps, chocolate, and so on. Please help to save the last of these ancient trees, and to keep Maxxam Corporation from further desecrating Gypsy Mountain...Aho! **********Phone: 707/825-6598 leave message

Mobilize to Defend Eastern Forests!
Eastern Forest Defense Direct Action Camp! May 28th thru June 3rd 2002. In
Southern Indiana in the middle of the great Eastern hardwood forest. From
the National Forest Protection Alliance, Katuah Earth First!, the Dogwood
Alliance, Heartwood, Buckeye Forest Council and a bunch of other really
awesome eastern forest huggers:

Hey y'all, The great forests of the eastern half of Turtle Island can and
will recover if given a chance. However, an impressive array of greedheads
stand in the way of eastern forest recovery. In fact, these entities are
actively destroying the struggling remnants of the great eastern forests.
The U$ Forest Service, the pulp and paper industry, developers, strip
miners, genetic manipulators and other greedy industrialists are daily
engaged in wanton acts of destruction against our beautiful and biologically
diverse Eastern Forests. We have to mobilize to defend our forest homes!
These forests are our collective life support systems. Their defense is self

All activists, forest dwellers, concerned citizens, and others ready and
willing to act on behalf of our forests are invited to attend. We want to
focus on evolving non-violent direct action tactics. We are looking for
folks from the Northwoods (Great Lakes and New England), Central Appalachia,
Southern Appalachia (Katuah!), the Great Coastal Swamps, the Piedmont, the
Pine Barrens, the Allegheny Plateau, the Ozarks and the Midwest to join us
in southern Indiana as we share skills, techniques and ideas for defending
our forests. We would like to share the latest skills in tree-sitting, road
blockades, etc... and come up with new ideas unique to our ecosystems for
forest defense. Put together affinity groups, forest action groups, etc...
and come on down. The forests need you!

Note to our friends out West: The eastern forests need y'all as well. You
can support this Action Camp by donating money, action gear or time as a
volunteer trainer or skill facilitator. We desperately need: money, food
donations, action and camping gear donations, volunteers, action trainers,
skill shares, camp participants, musicians, etc...

For more info please contact: National Forest Protection Alliance PO Box
1891 Charlottesville, VA 22903 434-971-5990, 434-970-1806 fax or Katuah Earth First! River
Faction Perrin de Jong (865)673-5083

-->2/22, SF: Going-away Party for Juliette Beck! 8 PM. 331 Capp Street
(between 18th & 19th, Mission & South Van Ness; big yellow Victorian house).
Bring a beverage to share. Juliette is leaving Global Ex, taking several
months sabbatical to travel to Australia and the Far East, after which she
plans to be back here in the activist ring! But, you never know where this
wild and wonderful activist may end up. Among her vast accomplishments, she
singlehandedly mobilized hundreds--if not thousands--of activists to shut
down the WTO (I saw her do it!)! THREE-CHEERS FOR JULIETTE!!!

-->2/23, SF: Peace March & Rallies! 11:00 am - assemble at Dolores Park
(Dolores and 18th Streets in the Mission District). 12:00 pm - march by way
of General Hospital. 1:00 pm - rally at Precita Park with Walter Johnson,
San Francisco Labor Council, Tillie Olson, writer, Yuri Kochiyama, activist,
Dennis Bernstein, KPFA, Shahi Sadat, poet, devorah major, poet, and many

COUNTER RALLY: Join the Sheep United 4 Victory (SUV) counter-protest; get
your SHEEP MASK, BLEAT-BOOK (e.g., don't worry, bomb happy; Obeeey Buush-
buuy more boombs; etc.), and PLACARD (e.g., Killing Innocent People IS the
Solution) at the Dolores Cafe. For more info, contact or
just show up before 11.

-->2/24, Oak: Bay Area Action Council Meeting! 12pm. 1605 Ashby (CAN
office): This is a newly-forming Bay Area spokes council for Bay Area
affinity groups. AGs and activists are invited to join. There is a screening
process yet to be discussed and defined, but the general idea is... you have
to be into direct democracy, no recruiting for larger organizations, and the
like. Contact me for an intro to the council: 415-731-7924 The vision is Bay Area mobilizations comparable to

-->Feb 25, SF. WEF/WSF report backs. Mon. 6-8 pm Women's Building 3543 18th
St. (near Valencia) San Francisco. World Social Forum - in Porto Alegre
Brazil (51,000) and the World Economic Forum - in New York (20,000): Story
telling, spoken word, multimedia presentation with a ton of interesting

-->2/25, SF: Prop A (Instant Run-off Voting) Party & Call for Volunteers!
7:30-11:00pm. Voodoo Lounge 2937 Mission Street (on Mission between 25th and
26th, one block from the 24th & Mission BART
station). Join host Medea Benjamin-together with Tom Ammiano, Matt Gonzalez,
Mark Leno, Harry Britt and Jeff Adachi-for an evening of fun and
entertainment in support of Prop A / Instant Run-off Voting (IRV). Enjoy the
music, drinks, sushi bar and talent show. Jazz music by the John Baker
Quintet and the hidden talents of SF Supervisors, politicos, friends &
supporters of Prop A. Perform or be a judge in the IRV Awards!! Pick the
winners with IRV (Instant Run-off Voting) Reveal your talents: hip hop
dance, opera singing, raunchy jokes, poetry, flamenco, stupid pet tricks,
outlandish drag, spoken word, cowboy songs... Performances from 7:30-11pm,
then the DJ spins till we close the place down. Spread the word and invite
your friends. No cover charge but donations for Prop A greatly appreciated.
IRV needs our money...Let's help IRV win the March 5 election!!!
PRECINCT-WALK FOR PROP A!!!!For more info call Global Exchange 415-255-7296
or June Brashares 510-551-9689.

--->Feb 27, SF: Rally Against Racism: Contact SF Supervisors!!! 5PM, Hall of
Injustice, 850 Bryant, between 7 and 8 St, SF. On MLK Day, four Hunter's
Point children (as young as 12 and 13) were brutalized by five SFPD
officers: verbally--racist verbal abuse directed at the kids, their parents,
and other community members--and physically--concussion, stitches, sexual
manhandling--on no provokation (there were no charges nor arrests). PLEASE
PROTEST THIS OUTRAGE! Demand that these racist cops be taken off the streets
immediately! Contact the SF Supervisors and complain about the do-nothing,
inept Police Commission, who are complicit by their silence and inaction.
***ALSO: There has been NO PUBLIC SATISFACTION in the police killing of
Idriss Stelley, an unarmed young man of color, who was having a mental
breakdown in the Sony Metreon theater last June when SFPD cops shot him over
20 times... No information has been released to the public or to Idriss's
family. It definitely looks like an SFPD cover up--a "leave it alone and it
will go away" approach by this disgraceful Commission. I've seen them in
in-action twice now, and they are despicable in their utter indifference to
righteous community outcry. They are truly a disgrace to the City of SF and
society.*** Info: or 415-951-4844 x224. Email Supes
at ,

--->2/28, Oak: RALLY Against Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown! 12 noon, City Hall,
Broadway & 14th St.(12th Street BART). Jerry Brown is launching his mayoral
marching band. If you have any qualms about how Brown--who supports the
super-rich (such as Gap, Inc, and Don Fisher), who is into the privatization
and militarization of public schools, who is into the corporate colonization
of Oakland--is governing Oakland, be there to express them!!!

--->2/28, SF: Alternative Energy Panel Discussion/Teach-in!!! RENEWABLE
ENERGY AND JOBS: WHAT'S IN IT FOR THE BAY AREA? 6:30 PM- 8:30PM. ADOBE BOOKSTORE 3166 - 16th Street between Valencia and Guerrero Streets. Supporters of Renewable Energy discuss the potential for this industry to create jobs and boost the economy in the Bay Area. Graham Brownstein Director of Community Organizing and Outreach, TURN, Neal Dikeman Renewable Energy Investment Analyst, Bret Logue, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Expert, Raj Reddy Consultant California Energy Commission

--->3/02, SF: House Party for Youth Force Coalition!!! 9 PM 885 Clayton
Street Between Carl & Parnassus one block east of Cole(right off the N
Judah) From Holly Roach: Many folx have heard about the great work coming
out of the Youth Empowerment Center (YEC) in Oakland, that was broken into
recently with tens of thousands of dollars of theft. Please support this
important work of youth of color by stepping up to help during this time of
recovery for the YEC. Activate your networks to turn out for the following
Bay Area event. House Party Rocker To Benefit the YEC!!!!!!! $5 - $500
Donation - No one turned away Sushi, Wine & Other Fabulous Eats Included
RSVP call Holly Roach 415.664.0604

--->3/03, SF: Animal Rights Campaign to Shut-Down UCSF Lab: Strat Session!!!
VEGAN DINNER AND PRESENTATION!!!! 8 PM, 1884 Market @ Laguna. Activists
recently won a major victory in the campaign to shut down Huntingdon Life
Sciences! On February 11th, Stephens, Inc. confirmed their divestment from
the notorious animal testing lab. But our work is not over yet. Come hear
about how Stephens bent under activist pressure and what needs to happen
next to smash one of the world's largest contract vivisection labs, which is
responsible for the torture and murder of 500 animals every single day.
Contact Ruthie Gordon for more info:

--->3/03, SF: People's Global Action Regional Organizing Meeting!!! 6 to 9
pm (potluck) New College, SF, east side, Room 4. From Hilary: PGA is a
global network of non-authoritarian grassroots struggles linked in their
opposition to corporate globalization & imperialism, and commitment to
direct action. We will have a reportback from the PGA meetings in
cochabamba, update on north american organizing, and discuss how we may
want to hook in here, based on the 4 campaign areas established below.
Please look over the hallmarks, and if your group works along the same
lines, come join us: 1. Campaign against state militarism, paramilitarism,
and state terrorism, including criminalization. 2. Campaign for defense and
recognition of self determination of land sovereignty of all peoples. 3.
Campaign against all privatizations. 4. Campaign on construction of
alternative models to the capitalist system based on education and
formation. More info:

--->3/04, Ala: Picket Against the Alameda County Super Jail for Kids -
Picket Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker!!! 4PM 1201 Lincoln Ave. @ Bay St.
(Alameda) Lai-Bitker is trying to get reelected, and we have one last
chance before the election to make sure that she votes to stop the Super
Jail before anyone makes the mistake to vote for her. Come out and support
the campaign and put pressure on Alice to make sure she Does whats right.
Call for Directions or Ride Info @ 510-451-5466 ext 311

--->3/08, SF: Rally for Farmworkers: Taco Bell Truth Tour!!!! 4:30 -
Assemble 24th & Mission. 5:30 - March to Taco Bell 16th & Mission. 6 PM -
Rally with UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta. 7PM 255 Potrero - Party with
music, food, speakers. ART-MAKING: March 3, 11 AM--8PM, Redstone Building,
Capp & 16th. Info on Caravan and Big Rally at Taco Bell HQ in So. Cal: 415-621-8100. Spread the word:

--->3/08--3/10, SF. Celebrate International Woman's Day. Sisters on the
Frontlines. 7pm The Womenıs Building 3543 18th St. (Btw Valencia & Guerrero)
Three evenings of live performance, music, and art honoring women on the
streets, in the home, at work and at war. Doors open at 7pm, Show starts at
8pm. Brought to you by Loco Bloco, underground Railroad, Mission Girls and
the Womenıs building. For more info call, (415) 431-1180 x17

--->3/09, SF: Voices Rising:30pm to Midnight SomArts Cultural Center 934
Brannan St. (Btw 8th & 9th) in SF. A night of Hip-Hop, spoken word & music.
A benefit for Speak Out! With Elaine Brown, Piri Thomas, Aya De Leon, Ishle
Yi Park, Bamuthi, Company of prophets, La Paz, D/DC. Tickets $10-$15,
sliding scale. For info: 510-601-0182 ext. 301.


Btw, my ISP got gobbled (globaled) while I was away. So please include this
new email address on your personal email lists.

Cheers, hugs, and many thanks for your activism!


Mary Bull
Save the Redwoods/Boycott the Gap Campaign
252 Frederick Street, San Francisco, CA 94117


(Too late: This bill, that hands over Congressional trade authority
to George W. Bush, passed the House Dec 6, 2001 by one vote.)


For questions and comments please e-mail us!

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