Save the Redwoods/Boycott the Gap
Boycott the Gap-->>The Time is NOW<<--End Corporate Rule
Posted by Mary Bull (
Saturday, September 14, 2002

Greetings, Earth Defenders & Social Justice Activists Around the Globe!

The Bush administration is exploiting the Politics of Fear to push an agenda
of Corporate Greed on every front that's staggering to behold. THE TIME IS
NOW to mobilize for peace, global ecology, and global justice!!! A POWERFUL
PUBLIC PRESENCE at the SEAT of POWER--Washington, DC--could avert a war in
Iraq. Please consider dropping whatever you are doing and JOINING US on our
cross-country "Stop the War - Save the Earth - End Corporate Rule" Roadshow,
leaving 9/22--meet us along the way in Reno, Salt Lake, Lincoln, Chicago, or
Cincinnati (check schedule below!), or join us in DC, where we will be part
of the ECO BLOC in the MASS PROTESTS against the IMF, World Bank, & Bush
Corporate Agenda, including an encore ZAP-the-GAP action on 9/27 in
Georgetown!!! BE IMPULSIVE!!! JOIN US!!!

We also invite you to join us for a GLOBAL WEEK of ACTION AGAINST GAP
(9/20--28)! STARBUCKS is also being targeted that week (details below);
and, of course, Bush's WAR FOR OIL, the IMF, and World Bank are all about
Corporate Exploitation of People and Planet--so, PLEASE make it a WEEK of
ACTIONS against CORPORATE RULE!!! Register your Gap action at --and while you're at it, send an INSTANT LETTER
from our new Action Alert Section to protest the Fishers' LICENSE TO KILL
Endangered Species!!! ...In this newsletter and urgent call to action:

-->09/20-28: ***Global Week of Action Against Gap: SF to Edinburgh!
-->09/22-30: ***End-Corporate-Rule - Boycott-the-Gap Roadshow!!! JOIN US!!!
-------->9/22: Reno, NV. 3 pm. GAP 5270 Meadowood Mall
-------->9/23: Salt Lake, UT. 12 pm. GAP Crossroads 50 S. Main
-------->9/24: Lincoln, NE. 12 pm. GAP Southpointe 2910 Pinelake
-------->9/25: Chicago, IL. 12 pm. GAP 555 N. Michigan Ave.
-------->9/26: Cincinnati, OH. 12 pm. GAP Tower Place 28 W. 4th Ave.
-------->9/27: Washington, DC. 2 pm. GAP 1258 Wisconsin Ave. NW


SUSTAINABILITY in the streets of the Capitol, the BELLY of the BEAST!!!***

-->Gap Boycott Campaign Update:
----->Meeting with Greenpeace re Gp, the FSC & the Gap: Report!
----->News Roundup: Recent Coverage of Gap Issues/Campaign!
----->Meeting with Fed & State Agents re License to Kill: Report!
----->9/24-30: PICKET Fisher Dog-&-Pony Show to Sell License to Kill!

-->Other Critical Actions, Campaigns, Events:
----->Ongoing : ***URGENT ACTIONS FOR PEACE!***
----->URGENT: Stop Bush-Led Corporate Pillage of Public Forestlands!!!
----->URGENT: Defend Ancient Forest in Humboldt: 9/13-17 Action Camp!!!
----->URGENT: Violence in Chiapas: ZAPATISTAS Call for Support!!!
----->09/18: Nat'l Fair Trade Coffee Day: Help Desperate Farmers!!!
----->9/20-28: ***Global Week of Action Against Starbucks!***
----->9/22, Oak: National Vigil to End War on Drugs!!!
----->9/27, SF: Critical Mass in Solidarity with IMF/WB Protests!
----->09/28: National Day of Protest for a Free Palestine!
----->10/08, Oak: Public Hearing on the FTAA!
----->10/12: Indigenous People's Day!!!
----->10/27-11/1: FTAA Summit in Ecuador: Solidarity Actions!
----->Bay Area Social Forum to Coincide with FTAA Summit!
----->Stop the Corporate Water Grab in Northern California!!!
----->Californians for Pesticide Reform: Healthy Schools Campaign!
----->Support Public Power in SF: Prop D on the November Ballot!!!
----->11/15-17: Shut Down the School of the Americas!!!

***NEWS FLASH: Bush backs transnationals in ILWU negotiations with Pacific
Maritime Association, threatens US military intervention--in the name of
Homeland Security--if the dockworkers go on strike!!! GAP is one of those
transnationals, of course! More info ***

Global Week of Action Against the Gap: SIGN UP!!!
Despite the financial demise of the Gap, the Fishers' have not relented in
their forest destruction, nor have they complied with consumer and civil
society demands that they ensure their contract workers a living wage. In
fact, they have applied for an exemption from the Endangered Species Act,
and have begun development plans in the Willow Creek watershed. In response,
we are BROADENING the public pressure campaign, and are calling for an
International Week of Action Against the Gap:

DEMOS!!! So far, Gap demos have been scheduled in SF, San Diego, Reno, Salt
Lake City, Lincoln, Chicago, Cincinnati, DC, and Edinburgh, SCOTLAND!!!
(Please check out gapsucks for contact info for the San Diego and Edinburgh
actions--it's up to organizer to post it. For the other actions please,
check out the Roadshow info below or at and times
will be posted soon--or contact Please take
action, either during the Global Week of Action (9/20--28) or ANY TIME!
Please register your Gap action at . You can get
everything you need from the Action Packet at the gapsucks site!

INSTANT LETTERS!!! If you can't get out and leaflet in front of your local
Gap, Banana Republic or Old Navy store--and even if you can--please go to and send INSTANT LETTERS TO...

--->FED & State Agencies planning to grant the Fishers a License to Kill...
--->SONOMA SUPES to stop the development of Willow Creek
--->STEVE JOBS of Apple Computer, who sits on the Board of the Gap
--->HOME DEPOT, who sells Fisher redwood
--->BIG GREENs who condone this dirty certification
--->The FISHER FAMILY, who call the shots in forest and factory

***We hope that pressure from these sectors will dovetail and result in the
Fishers taking positive action for the redwood forest and

End Corporate Rule - Boycott the Gap Roadshow!!! JOIN US!!!
The DC MOBILIZATION is ON!!! And there's ROOM for a few MORE in our
CARAVAN!!! Contact 415-731-7924 to be part of this
INCREDIBLE VOYAGE & CRUSADE!!! We're calling ourselves AGENTS X--the Agents
of Transformation affinity group!!! And we'll be hauling the Fisher REDWOOD
STUMP, among other great props, banners, & costumes, in Mark's
veggie-diesel-powered truck cross-country to Washington DC, where we will be
part of the ECO BLOC in the mass actions against the IMF & World Bank
(details below)!!! We plan to do actions at Gap stores in FIVE CITIES on
the way! We'll top off the tour with an encore action at the Georgetown Gap
in DC (we brought the house down there at the IMF/WB protests in April
2000)! In addition to educating the public about the Gap issues, we will be
connecting the dots between consumerism and war (per our Consumer of
Conscience leaflet, created after 9-11), and letting people know why we are
protesting the IMF, World Bank, & the "war on terrorism."

ROADSHOW LOGISTICS: Departure date/time: Sun, Sep 22, 8 am. Estimated return
date: Oct 1, Leaving DC, Sep 29. Gap actions at...

--->9/22: Reno, NV. 3 pm. 5270 Meadowood Mall (loc may change)
--->9/23: Salt Lake, UT. 12 pm. Crossroads 50 S. Main (loc may change)
--->9/24: Lincoln, NE. 12 pm. Southpointe 2910 Pinelake (loc may change)
--->9/25: Chicago, IL. 12 pm. 555 N. Michigan Ave.
--->9/26: Cincinnati, OH. 12 pm. Tower Place 28 W. 4th Ave. (loc may change)
--->9/27: Washington, DC. 2 pm. 1258 Wisconsin Ave. NW

Is your town on the list??? MEET US AT THE ACTION!!! Check the web site for
updated schedule, or contact us at 415-731-7924
prior to 9/22, or on the road at 415-509-1188, or at the Mendocino office
707-877-3405, after 9/22. JOIN US IN DC!!!

***Mass Protests Against the IMF & World Bank!!!***
Call to Action!!! September 25th - 29th come to Washington, DC!!!

STOP Infectious Corporate Greed!!!
CONFRONT Corporate Evil-doers at their CEO Summit!!!
QUARANTINE the World Bank and IMF on Saturday, September 28th!!!

Get plugged in at or 202-452-5912

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and related elites are
gathering in Washington, DC from September 25th to the 29th to discuss how
to continue the destructive path of corporate globalization. They think that
bankers should write the rules of the global economy and put profits ahead
of local communities, workers, the environment, human rights, justice and
future generations. Right now, their actions in South America threaten to
drag the world down in a global depression and cost untold millions their
jobs. Obviously, these policies are sick and we plan to protect the rest of
the world from them by symbolically quarantining these diseased institutions
until they learn basic respect for democracy, justice and the earth.

Join us for 5 days of marches, rallies, creative actions, workshops,
trainings and teach-ins with voices of hope and dignity from around the
world. Following the lead of the grassroots uprising in Argentina we will
share our organizing and strategies for building stronger movements for
justice. Come share your vision and help turn this autumn into the corporate
fall and eradicate the disease of corporate greed from the globe!


Sep 25-29: Convergence of organizers and activists. Trainings, teach-ins...
Sep 25-27: End Corporate Rule Teach-In (see
Sep 25-27: CEO Summit, Ritz Carlton Hotel
Sep 26: Power for the People/Clean Energy Rally; Interfaith Vigil
Sep 27: Peoples Strike (see; GAP Action
Sep 28-29: IMF & World Bank Group Annual meetings
Sep 28: MGJ Rally & March; Quarantine Actions
Sep 29: Social Forum and People's Assemblies

SUSTAINABILITY in the streets of the US Capitol-the BELLY of the BEAST!!!***

-->Call Your Reps: Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121.
Talking points: the Administration has not presented an adequate
justification for going to war; Iraq does not pose a clear and present
danger to the US; and an invasion of Iraq would violate international law.
-->Attend or organize a peace event: -->Sign a
petition: -->Weigh in: White House poll on Iraq
war 202-456-1111 (Mon--Fri, 9-5). -->Abolish nuclear weapons: info petition
More involved actions: ****

Stop Bush-Led Corporate Pillage of Public Forestlands!!!
At a House Resources Committee hearing, the Bush Administration
unveiled its latest fire plan that proposes to suspend environmental laws,
citizen appeals and fiscal accountability to promote increased logging on
the National Forests under the guise of fire risk reduction. Sen. Larry
Craig (R-ID) is expected to offer an amendment to the Interior
Appropriations bill next week that includes much of the Administration's
plan as well as additional provisions encouraging logging on Alaska's
Tongass National Forest and California's Sierra Nevada forests.

The President's proposed bill would explicitly suspend the National
Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) which guarantees citizens the right to be
involved with management decisions as well as the administrative appeals
process for all agency actions. It also includes authorities granted to the
Forest Service under Sec. 706 of the Defense Authorization bill (the Daschle
Rider), effectively suspending the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species
Act, the National Forest Management Act and all other environmental laws in
addition to NEPA.


To pay for the expedited thinning proposed in the bill, the Administration
is encouraging commercial logging of large trees and permanent authority for
goods for services stewardship contracts that allows the Forest Service to
give away unlimited amounts of large trees to cover the costs of thinning
the low-value underbrush and small trees. These proposals will create a
financial incentive for the Forest Service to include extensive commercial
logging (which increases fire risks) in projects intended to reduce fire
risks, failing to protect communities at risk and effectively undermining
the program. The result will be loss of old-growth forests and increased
fire risk.

(Capitol switchboard number 202 224-3121)


1) Oppose Sen. Craig's Fire Amendment
2) Oppose any suspension of environmental laws or citizen appeals
3) Oppose permanent Goods for Services Stewardship Contracts
4) Oppose logging provisions affecting the Tongass National Forest, the
Sierra Nevada (QLG forests) or elsewhere
5) Support a Community Protection Alternative that focuses fuel reduction
efforts near homes and communities without suspending environmental laws.

Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC)
P.O. Box 397, Garberville, CA 95542
(707) 923-2931, Fax 923-4210

Stop Violence in Chiapas: Call State Dept!!! Join Delegation!!!
Since mid-August paramilitary attacks against Zapatista communities
have taken the lives of four Zapatista leaders, wounded twenty
supporters and displaced hundreds from their homes. The Zapatistas
have issued a call for their international supporters to, once again,
stand with them to resist the violence and demand justice. For more info,

PLEASE LEND YOUR VOICE. Following is a sample letter. Email it to President
Fox c/o the Mexican Ambassador at Call the Mexico Desk
of the State Dept 202 647-9894 and express your concern (believe it or not,
this sometimes gets results). If at all possible, join the Chiapas Support
Committee delegation to Chiapas, leaving Oct 5; contact (510) 654-9587

Dear President Fox:

Save the Redwoods/Boycott the Gap (SRBG) is an international campaign with
tens of thousands of supporters worldwide and an activist network of over
1500 groups and individuals around the globe. Although our primary goal is
forest and watershed protection both locally and globally, we also work in
coalition with human rights and environmental groups world-wide to defend
and protect the rights of indigenous peoples, landless peoples, and small
farmers, which often goes hand in hand with protecting and restoring the

Human rights activists and concerned citizens around the world have been
waiting a LONG TIME for you to assume control of Mexico's military. As
commander and chief of the armed forces, you are obliged to do so. We will
not tolerate the human rights violations perpetrated by Mexican military and
paramilitary groups in Chiapas, Guerrero, and other Mexican states.

We are aware of the outrageous escalation in human rights abuses, including
four assassinations, that occurred with impunity in Chiapas this past month,
and we plan to send a contingent of human rights observers there to
de-escalate the situation and to bear witness to the bloody brutality and
the unjust, undemocratic nature of the Mexican government.

Over 20 human rights groups have called for the Mexican government to halt
all military action in Chiapas, and for human rights violators to be
identified, tried by civil society, and punished. We are particularly
concerned about Organization for the Defense of Indigenous and Farmers
Rights (OPDIC) and its leader Pedro Chulin, as well as other known
paramilitary organizations. These groups operate with impunity. We call on
you to investigate them, and in particular, to investigate the murder of
Jose Lopez Santiz, in the community of 6 de Agosto, municipality of
Altamirano, as well as the homicides in the community of Amaytik.

We strongly urge you to recognize the rights of Indigenous Peoples as an
integral component to true peace. At this point in history, the economically
elite and the governments that serve them can no longer trample the rights
of indigenous peoples with impunity! Those days are over! The whole world is

We will be speaking with the US State Department shortly about this
intolerable situation, and faxing a formal expression of our outrage to the
Mexican Embassy in D.C. and the State Department.



Meeting with Greenpeace re Gp, the FSC & the Gap: Report!
As some of you may recall, back in November 2000, when the Fishers bought
their lying "green label" from the co-opted Forest Stewardship Council
(FSC), a representative of Greenpeace, DC, made an uninformed statement
endorsing the Fisher certification, which was printed in the SF Examiner.
Since then, Gap, Inc, has liberally used Greenpeace's name in statements to
the press and to the public greenwashing the Fisher logging program. Four
SRBG organizers met recently with a representative from Greenpeace
International's Forest Campaign, who is the key decision-maker on Greenpeace
forest policy, as well as their FSC certification expert. We asked for the

1.) that Greenpeace write a public statement similar to Rainforest Action
Network's denouncing the Fisher certification and Fisher logging;

2.) that Greenpeace tell the Gap to stop using their name to greenwash
Fisher logging;

3.) and that Greenpeace will consider being our sponsor in the FSC appeal

The meeting was a very positive one. Stay tuned!

News Roundup: Recent Coverage of Gap Issues/Campaign
Reuters 6/25/02, "Anti-G8 Activists Bare All in Cheeky Protest," one of many
stories about the Gap action at the G8 Summit, including a CNN international
spot on the Save the Redwoods/Boycott the Gap mobilization for the
G8. -->Terrain Magazine fall/02, "County May Pay $20 Million for
Timberland," story on Fishers' plans to develop Willow Creek. -->North Bay
Progressive 9/01/02, "Fisher redwood logging: Protests at Gap stores around
the world" -->Bay Area Video Coalition just finished a Gap Boycott public
service announcement, available soon from gapsucks! MANY THANKS!

Meeting with Fed & State Agents re License to Kill: Report!
Mendocino forest activists, environmentalists, and Gap Boycott campaigners
met last month with representatives of the federal and state agencies who
are "considering" the Fishers' application for an incidental take permit
(ITP -- license to kill endangered species and destroy their habitat) on
their entire holdings over the next 80 years. I have six pages of copious
notes from this all-day meeting (contact me for details), but here's what
stood out:

1.) The agencies agree that Fisher forestlands constitute a "catastrophic
loss of resources." Species on these lands are already facing imminent

2.) The agencies do not have the staff to enforce the Endangered Species Act
(ESA) nor Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP, see note below). The Agencies do
not have the staff to review Timber Harvest Plans for compliance with the
ESA nor the HCP; nor do they have the staff to review selected plans brought
to their attention by the public. They have also been advised to avoid

Note: the HCP is the document that says what the Timber Company will do for
endangered species if the government waives the Endangered Species Act.
Confused? Remember, Ronald Reagan invented ITP/HCPs for his buddies in Big
Oil, Timber, and Mining. For instance, an HCP might say, "Timber Co agrees
to fix all their roads in exchange for logging the last marbled murrelet and
spotted owl habitat, i.e., the last big trees, on their holdings."
Evidently, road repair is the typical concession for a license to kill.

3.) If the agencies grant the ITP/HCP, they rely on the Timber Company's
periodic reports to ensure compliance with the HCP.

4.) It is the policy of the agencies to promote and grant ITP/HCPs. They
were elusive as to why, but here is the logic I pieced together: If they had
the staff to enforce environmental law, they think the HCP, depending on
what's in it (the Fishers haven't written theirs yet), might be easier to
enforce than the ESA. Meanwhile, since they can enforce neither, they think
there's a better chance of the Timber Company voluntarily complying with the
HCP out of gratitude to the government for waiving the Endangered Species
Act (kind of like the Forest Stewardship Council selling their green label
based on promises that the Timber Company will do better, someday, in
gratitude for the greenwashing ops the green label affords them...)

5.) Once the ITP/HCP is granted, the Timber Company is assured that there
will be "no surprises": no change in status in the forestland nor new
environmental laws will affect it--they can go on killing endangered species
and destroying their habitat to their heart's content. On the other hand,
the public can no longer challenge the Timber Company based on provisions of
the ESA; they can only challenge the Timber Company's compliance with the

6.) Once granted, all it takes is a 30-day notice for the Timber Company to
walk away from the ITP/HCP contract. So, theoretically, after they've
"taken" all the endangered species and destroyed their habitat, and before
they have fixed their roads--see point 2--they can walk away from the

7.) The Agencies have been advising the Fishers regarding their application
for an ITP/HCP for two years--that means that the Fishers were charting this
course while they were being evaluated for their "green label." All the
environmentalists and enviro groups with whom we've spoken strongly opposed
the exemption to the ESA when it was passed, and, needless to say, find
ITP/HCPs inconsistent with "green" forestry.

Fisher Dog & Pony Show to Sell License to Kill: COME PICKET!
Sep 24, 25, 27, &30. 4--7 PM, Ft. Bragg, Mendocino. The Fishers' Mendocino
Redwood Company is planning a dog and pony show to sell the public on its
License to Kill. Come picket this Corporate Scam. Tradewinds conference room
at 400 S. Main Street, Contact Mary Pjerrou for more info: 707-877-3405.

URGENT Defend Ancient Forest in Humboldt County!!!
Maxxam/Pacific Lumber is on a frenzied drive to liquidate its old growth!!!
This is the last of the ancient redwood and Doug Fir forest in California!!!
It is not too late to stop the destruction! 9/13-17 FOREST ACTION CAMP!!!
9/15, 12 noon, FOREST RALLY, Monument Gate in Rio Dell, Humboldt County!!!
Ongoing tree-sits, which have received much mainstream press lately and
ongoing Indy Media coverage, and many woods and corporate direct actions to
save these precious forests!!! JOIN THE RESISTANCE!!! More info: Northcoast
EF! 707-825-6598 707-443-3663

9/27, SF: Critical Mass Solidarity Action with IMF/WB Protests
********************************************************************* tens of thousands are beginning to take the streets of DC against the
IMF and World Bank and the National Mobilization for Colombia takes place
all over we will....

OLIGARCHY FRI SEPT 27, 4:30, Chevron-Texaco 575 Market between 1st and
Second (Montgomery BART)

Wear Black/dark colors, bike flags and other topical decorations) will be
available. Then Join Critical Mass for the 10 Anniversary at the foot of
Market Street; 5:45pm

Art/Flag making party Monday September 23, 6-10pm Art and Revolution,
Redstone Building- 1st floor, 16th St at Capp St (1 block W. of 16th St.

9/28: National Day of Protest for a Free Palestine
-->9/17, SF: Witness in Palestine, A Reportback from Heads Up Collective
member Brooke Atherton on her trip to Occupied Palestine. 6:30-9pm 522
Valencia (near 16th). $5 suggested; no one turned away for lack of funds.
This event is a benefit for the September 28th National Day of Protest for a
Free Palestine. Contact (510) 534-9768 or for
more info.

-->Why hasn't Palestine been in the news when Israel's illegal occupation
and atrocities continue unabated? Check to find out, and do something
about it.

9/18: National Day of Action for Fair Trade Coffee
-->Get the Fair Trade Coffee message out to your community on 9/18!!! Ask
your local cafes to offer fair-trade coffee!

-->CALL NOW to urge your US rep to "cosponsor Resolution 491 (Stark),
expressing the 'Sense of the Congress' that all branches of the Federal
Government should limit purchases of coffee to that which is Fair Trade
Certified." Ask your representative to register their support by calling
Rep. Stark's office at 202.225.5065 or faxing in their endorsement to
202.226.3805. To locate your congressperson, call the congressional
switchboard at 202.225.3121 and they will connect you.

COFFEE CRISIS! Coffee is the second largest US import after oil, and the US
consumes one-fifth of all the world's coffee, making it the largest consumer
in the world. Coffee prices have plummeted to all-time lows in recent months
and are currently less than $.50 per pound, with no increase in sight.
Meanwhile coffee companies have not lowered consumer prices but are
pocketing the difference. "The drastic fall in coffee prices means, in two
words, poverty and hunger for thousands of small producers in Latin
America," says Merling Preza Ramos, Director of PRODECOOP Fair Trade
cooperative in Nicaragua. Get Involved in Fair Trade activism and learn more
about the coffee crisis:

"In the last decade, the major coffee companies' revenues have
doubled. During the same time, the earnings of ordinary coffee farmers have
been slashed by two-thirds." Nestor Osorio Executive Director, International
Coffee Organization. Ten years ago the world coffee economy was worth $30
billion, of which producers received $12 bil. Today it is worth $50 bil,
with producers receiving just $8 bil. (source: The Guardian) .

Global Week of Action Against Starbucks!!!
While you're out there speaking Truth to Power in front of the Gap; stroll
over to Starbucks and do the same thing!!! These two corporations could
eliminate enormous suffering by ensuring that the workers who produce the
goods receive a fair wage--a living wage. Check out the call-to-action at
the Organic Consumers Association web site and download their leaflet: or contact
to be part of this international mobilization! They have been doing this for
FIVE YEARS and THOUSANDS will be leafletting Starbucks ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!
Be part of it!

9/22 National Candlelight Vigil to End the War on Drugs
9/22, 6:30 pm, Jack London Square, Oakland, 1st & Broadway

We are all affected: ...the hundreds of thousands of incarcerated nonviolent
drug offenders. ...the children and other family members of these woman &
men. ...the 87,000 potential students who have lost college financial aid
since 2000 due to drug convictions, the only crime that is punished by such
a permanent measure. ...those who strive to create a society of racial &
social justice, knowing the drug war hits women and people of color

Bring candles, flowers, and pictures of those dead or incarcerated due to
drug war madness to leave behind as a remaining visual protest. Sponsored by
Americans for Safe Access, and endorsed by The November Coalition, Cannabis
Action Network, Drug Policy Alliance, Commonsense for Drug Policy, National
Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Students for Sensible Drug
Policy, Marijuana Policy Project, and the Media Awareness Project. For more
info or to endorse: Americans for Safe Access Phone: 510-486-8083;

10/08, Oak: Public Hearing on the FTAA!
YOU ARE INVITED... A coalition of organizations in the Bay Area is holding a
public hearing on the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) on Tuesday,
October 8, 2002 from 6:00-9:00pm at the First Unitarian Church of Oakland.
This hearing is part of a Peoplešs Consultation, coordinated by Alliance for
Responsible Trade and Global Exchange, which includes similar hearings in
Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The People's
Consultation evaluates policies using a simple set of questions: Who
benefits? Who loses? and Who decides? (

The format of the public hearing is to simulate a legislative hearing by
having prominent members of the community preside over the hearing and
receive the testimony of concerned members of the community. We have
prioritized members of our community who are most directly affected by
globalization, low-income people of color and immigrants, to formally
testify at the hearing. These members of our community, (and the
international speakers we'll provide) then present testimony to the panel on
how globalization has affected their lives, or how the FTAA would affect
their lives.

Invited and confirmed "Testifiers" include:

- A local garment worker (representative from Sweatshop Watch) (Confirmed)
- A migrant worker/day laborer (representative from the Day Laborers)
- A poverty community activist (representative from WEAP and/or POWER)
- Herlinda Lucila Hernandez Matos, Displaced Colombian Union organizer
- Fela Contreras, former Mexican maquila worker (Confirmed)
- Lisa Hoyos, Director, California Fair Trade Campaign (Confirmed)

Invited and confirmed "Hearers" include:

-Judy Goff, President, Alameda Central Labor Council (Confirmed)
-Representative from Alameda County Board of Supervisors (Invited)
-Tom Ammiano, President, San Francisco Board of Supervisors
-Diana Lau, Chairperson, SF Immigrant Rights Commission

The schedule for the hearing is:

6:00-7:30: Testimony of invited local and international guests
7:30-8:15: Community feedback, questions, concerns...
8:15-9:00: Action! Attendees will be asked to fill out a ballot on the FTAA
and related issues. (Balloting on the FTAA is being coordinated by civil
society at a national and hemispheric level.) In addition local groups are
encouraged to come with things to take action on like petitions, sign-on
letters, making cell phone calls to elected representatives, etc.

More info:Jessica Marques Mexico Solidarity Network 415/621-8100 or Carleen
Pickard Global Exchange 415/575-5535

10/12: Indigenous People's Day!!!
Organize local actions to protest the second colonization of the Americas --
corporate globalization.

10/27-11/1: FTAA Summit in Ecuador: Call for Solidarity Actions!
From organizers in Quito, Ecuador: On October 31st, the seventh summit of
the Free Trade Area of the Americas will take place in Quito, Ecuador, home
turf for what are perhaps the strongest social movements in the Americas.
Ecuador´s indigenous, campesino, labor, womens, environmental, and youth
organizations have vowed to shut the summit down, and are calling for
solidarity actions across the continent....The coalitions here are calling
on people throughout the continent to join in. They have declared October 27
through November 1 to be Continental Days of Resistance Against the FTAA.
Of course, anyone who can make it here is welcome. Ecuador`s social
movements are calling on their counterparts throughout the continent to take
local actions in solidarity with the mobilization in Ecuador, and to support
it in various ways. Already,.groups are planning actions in San Francisco,
Massachusetts, Portland, and on campuses across Canada, in India, Europe,
and the other Andean countries.... (see below for Bay Area response to call:
Social Forum).

For more info, contact, see

Global Exchange is hosting a 12 day Reality Tour to Ecuador to investigate
how the FTAA would impact the country as well as participate in the days of
action in Quito. More info: or

Bay Area Social Forum to Coincide with FTAA Summit!
October 26 to November 1

We are planning a Bay Area Social Forum during the week of October 26 to
November 1 in conjunction with the hemisphere-wide Social Forum held in
Quito, Ecuador. As we resist the social, ecological and economic devastation
of corporate globalization and the threat of the Free Trade Area of the
Americas (FTAA)* to our communities, we will highlight directly democratic,
socially just and ecological local alternatives to the FTAA and a
corporate-globalized system.

We are planning lively, participatory, culture-filled educational events to
bring together local residents, grassroots groups, community and workers
organizations and constructive alternative projects. We will facilitate
several days of decentralized "Open House Alternatives" that will invite
people to see hands-on local economic, cultural, environmental projects and
institutions that embody directly democratic, socially just and ecological
alternatives to corporate globalization. Groups are invited to publicize
their local actions or events during the week of resistance.

*The Free Trade Area of the Americas is an effort by corporations and
governments throughout the Western Hemisphere to create a giant free trade
region from Alaska to Chile. The FTAA is based on the 3-way US-Canada-Mexico
North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) model, and will effectively give
corporations the ability to make super-profits at the expense of worker's
rights and the environment.

GOALS of the Bay Area Social Forum:

-To help build a local broad-based movement for global and local justice and
to resist the FTAA in solidarity with social movements in Ecuador and
throughout the Hemisphere.

-To begin discussing and creating positive alternatives to corporate
globalization, moving beyond being just oppositional.

-To bring together people from grassroots groups, community struggles,
workers organizations and alternative projects to redefine a global justice
movement of movements that includes everyone resisting the local impacts of
corporate globalization on our communities- social, environmental and

-To deepen the understanding of how militarization is an integral part of
corporate globalization.


1. Militarization and the Prison Industrial Complex
2. Immigration and Labor Struggles
3. Women and the Global Economy
4. Corporate Globalization and Environmental Justice

Saturday, October 26:

Free Trade on Trial
Location: Women's Building
Time: 1-5pm

This is a general proposal extracted from the themes above. The event would
be a creative forum including performance, spoken word, and popular
education with a mock trial. We would put international, national and local
individuals and corporations on trial. For example; Bush, Cheney, Sharon,
Uribe, Corporate CEO's, PG&E, Bechtel, Chevron, Gavin Newsome, Feinstein,
SFPD, Oakland PD, INS, Marriott, Jerry Brown, local maquila?, Livermore
Labs, etc.

Organizations, both internationally focused and grassroots community groups
will testify on behalf of their constituents on the impact of free trade and
corporate globalization.

Other possibilities include open tables, role-playing, theater, discussion,
and working groups.

Sunday, October 27:
Day of Alternatives/Open House
Location: University of California, Berkeley
Time: (10-3pm?)

The day of alternatives would provide a space for organizations to present
concrete methods and models for resisting corporate globalization. Groups
will also be able to schedule times for people to visit the sites of their
organizations in an open house format during the week of resistance. Time
will be available for discussion and working groups.

Monday, October 28-Friday, October 31:
Location: Bay Area
Time: N/A

During the week of resistance, we will want groups to stage actions, events,
demonstrations or host an open house to allow people to visit organizations
at there locations and find out what they do. This will give individuals
and groups the opportunity to learn about other struggles and successful
models of resistance, strengthening our movement against free trade and
corporate globalization and building for the public action on November 1st.

Saturday, November 1:
Location: TBA
Time: TBA

There will be a public action against the FTAA, CAFTA (NAFTA for Central
America; info: and corporate globalization and for directly
democratic, socially just and ecological alternatives. We plan to connect
the FTAA with support for local community struggles. We are considering
creative, innovative forms of resistance, beyond a traditional march and

Melanie Pilbin
Bay Area C.I.S.P.E.S.
Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador
3382 26th (between Mission and Capp)
(415) 648-8222 or (415) 824-4282

Stop the Corporate Water Grab in Northern California!!!
On Sep 13, the Public was officially notified of Alaska Water Exports
application for "excess" water from two North Coast watersheds, which it
intends to bag in giant water weenies, ship via barge, and sell for a profit
elsewhere. We now have 60 days to comment, according to prescribed
guidelines. See Contact or check for assistance.

California for Pesticide Reform: Healthy Schools Campaign!!!
From CPR (415-981-3939 x5 ): Help protect
California public school children from harmful pesticides at school! Join
the California Healthy Schools Campaign--a joint project of Californians for
Pesticide Reform (CPR), a statewide coalition of over 160 public interest
groups dedicated to protecting human health and the environment from the
dangers of pesticide use. Over the past three years, CPR's Healthy Schools
Campaign has been working to protect California's children from exposure to
hazardous pesticides at schools and in 2000, successfully passed the Healthy
Schools Act (AB 2260 - Shelley).

***School pesticide use is widespread. A 1999 survey of 13 of California's
15 largest school districts found that: 87% used highly toxic pesticides,
20% used probable or known human carcinogens, 70% used possible human
carcinogens 52% used developmental and reproductive toxins.***

Children are more vulnerable to pesticide exposure because their bodies are
still developing. At school, children can be exposed to pesticides during
their most critical stages of growth, and symptoms of poisoning are often
overlooked or diagnosed as "flu-like" by parents and doctors.

Many schools spray pesticides routinely, without considering whether or not
pests are actually a problem. However, many other school districts across
the state, including Oakland Unified, Arcata, Kentfield, Placer Hills Union,
Ventura Unified and Los Angeles Unified, are finding that effective pest
control is possible without using toxic pesticides. Alternative
approaches-such as California's preferred method of "least-toxic Integrated
Pest Management" (IPM) described in the Healthy Schools Act (AB 2260 -
Shelley)-employ common sense preventive approaches (including, for example,
eliminating sources that attract pests indoors or blocking points of entry),
prioritize children's health, and often save money in the long run.

The Healthy Schools Campaign will be working with school staff and concerned
parents, teachers, students, and community members to include the passage
and implementation of least-toxic IPM policies in districts around the
state. Please join us in making schools safe for children and school staff.
Participating individuals and organizations can join us by writing letters
of support, attending School Board meetings, providing action alerts and
information to their members, and generally spreading the word about the
importance of least-toxic IPM policies. For more information, please call
415-981-3939 x5 or visit our website,

Support Public Power in SF: Prop D on the November Ballot!!!
STOP THESE CONSUMER-BILKING, polluting, corporate monopolies, starting with
PG&E (next comes PAC BELL, then AT&T--the corporations who helped fund the
ad campaign opposing Public Power last fall). We almost won last November.
This time we have Supervisors supporting the measure, but there is no money
for the campaign... VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED for tabling, precinct-walking,
phone-banking!!! Contact: San Franciscans for Affordable, Clean Energy (SF
ACE) P.O. Box 2273, San Francisco 94126 Phone (415) 820-1418 Fax (415)
921-4722 FPPC #1246425 415-820-1418.

11/15-17: Shut Down the School of the Americas!!!
Fort Benning, Georgia. Shut down the SOA -- a military training school for
Latin American death squad leaders and dictators.


Be impulsive!!! Join us!!! Save the Earth!!!

Mary Bull
Save the Redwoods/Boycott the Gap Campaign
252 Frederick Street, San Francisco, CA 94117




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