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***URGENT Action Memo: Election Fraud 2004***
Posted by Mary Bull (
Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Greetings, Environmental and Social Justice Activists!

Despite the mainstream media and government blackout on this issue, much of the nation and the world is in an uproar over the 2004 Election! Following is a CONCISE SUMMARY to date of the OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE of FRAUD in this election, including sources (many excellent web sites forinfo and actions) and action plan, compiled by Mary Pjerrou, Co-director of Greenwood Earth Alliance, Co-chair of the Greenwood Watershed Association, and political blogger extraordinaire. These will provide EXCELLENT TALKING POINTS during your discussions with the media and public at large. In the San Francisco Bay Area, we have been having a series of direct actions that address this issue at the federal building and the offices of our elected representatives, including Senators Feinstein and Boxer. There will be an action this Monday, DECEMBER 6, at 12 noon at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's office, 450 Golden Gate, San Francisco (for more info on this action, see STAY STRONG! GET INFORMED! TAKE ACTION! --Mary Bull, Co-director, Greenwood Earth Alliance, Coordinator, Save the Redwoods-Boycott the Gap Camapign


ACTION MEMO: Election Fraud 2004 - American democracy's final hour?

The evidence of fraud in the 2004 presidential election is so
overwhelming that it is difficult to know where to start. The
evidence encompasses many states and involves several kinds of voting
fraud and vote suppression. Suspect #1 are the central electronic
tabulating machines that supposedly count all our votes. Shockingly,
these machines run on source code that is held as secret, proprietary
information (no public review) by companies whose executives were
committed to Bush's election (including Walden O'Dell of Diebold who
promised in writing to "deliver" Ohio to Bush in 2004, and Howard F.
Ahmanson of ES&S, known for backing rightwing religious causes.). To
make matters worse, a third of the country voted on electronic
machines that provide no paper receipt for the vote, making recounts
impossible and auditing difficult--all in all, a voting system made
to order for fraud.

The evidence so far all points to a Kerry win, possibly by a
landslide, that was changed to a Bush win, with the main part of the
fraud occurring in the central vote tabulators in at least a dozen
states (probably all over), combined with significant, blatant
suppression of Democratic and minority voters by highly prejudiced
Republican election officials, especially in Ohio and Florida. This
memo will summarize the current situation and available evidence, and
the riveting and heroic investigations, re-counts and lawsuits that
are in progress. It will also provide a working hypothesis on the
overall election fraud plan (always helpful), and info. on what you
and I can do to help. Election reform is a must-do, and it's really
quite simple. To regain our right to vote, we need: a) a paper
trail; and b) open source code.


John Kerry's concession has no legal force. He can un-concede (as Al
Gore did in '00). There is reason to believe that his concession was
a strategic move to avoid the chaos of '00, and quietly gather
evidence. But whatever he decides to do, this Election is not over,
and its outcome is not really up to him. As Kerry himself recently
stated, "They're still counting votesS"

First the states must complete and certify their counts, and
re-counts must be completed (all on-going). The Electoral College
meets and votes Dec. 15. Congress then certifies the Election on
Jan. 6. (And there could well be fireworks at that event,
considering how angry black Democrats are after '00, and after what
was done to black voters again this year.)

Many challenges, re-counts, investigations, and lawsuits are in
progress. Fourteen Congresspeople have requested a GAO
investigation, led by high-ranking members like Congr. John
Conyers--and the GAO just agreed! (on 11/23). The Green Party and
Ralph Nader are big heroes, having successfully raised hundreds of
thousands of dollars in one week to obtain recounts in Ohio and New
Hampshire. The Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit on the
"provisional" ballot count in Ohio. There are investigations and
lawsuits in FLA (don't know about a recount there). There is a big
citizen and attorney effort to gather evidence (particularly to
secure the "black boxes" that contain the secret source code, and
their printouts). Bev Harris, of
hero--did a Freedom of Information Act request to every state in the
country for "black box voting" evidence--the biggest FOIA request
ever. Recently, she got a lockdown on evidence in Volusia County,
FLA. Her group has launched fraud investigations in FLA, GA, NM, AZ
and OH.

One very remarkable man, John B. Kenney, has been on a hunger strike
since Sept. 7, 2004, and will continue until our right to vote is
secured. (


* Despite their secret source code, electronic voting machines are
easily hackable and extremely insecure (well established by Johns
Hopkins, CalTech/MIT, and many other studies). In
addition, the Republican-owned companies who make them, and
Republican politicians (Tom Delay, and the Secretaries of State in OH
and FLA) insisted that no paper trail was needed and strongly fought
against any such vote verification. A paper trail consists of a
paper receipt on which each vote is recorded and locked away for
recounts and audits. A third of the country voted with no paper
trail--that is, without the ability to re-count the vote. (Venezuela
has a paper trail, and open source code. Our election system is a
disgrace by comparison.) However, expert statisticians and smart
techies can use other methods to track fraud. (Note: Statistical
methods are admissible in court in a "no paper trail" situation.)

* Several topnotch statistical studies point a red flag at '04
election fraud:

The Freeman study:

On Election Day '04, the Exit Polls (face to face questioning of
voters, just after they voted) showed a big Kerry win--including a
Kerry sweep of all the battleground states--until about 6 p.m. Dr.
Steven J. Freeman (an MIT-PhD, professor at the U. of Penn.)
discovered that, late in the afternoon, CNN began mixing the Exit
Poll data with the incoming data from the central electronic voters
tabulators which showed a turn to Bush late in the day (odd, because
that's when the working poor and minorities vote). By luck and fast
thinking, Freeman was able to get hold of the pure Exit Poll data
before it was corrupted by the election "results." The Exit Poll
variance from the election "results" is extraordinary, and always
favors Bush. Freeman says that this is virtually impossible. He
establishes the reliability of non-partisan Exit Polls, which are
used worldwide to verify elections. The odds against Kerry's
predicted Exit Poll vote being wrong in all 3 big battleground states
(OH, FLA, PA) are 662,000 to one. He concludes: "As much as we can
say in social science that something is impossible, it is impossible
that the discrepancies between predicted and actual vote counts in
the three critical battleground statesScould have been due to chance
or random error." This shift to Bush (in electronic tally vs. Exit
Poll predictions) occurred in 10 of the 11 states studied. In 4 of
the 11 states (OH, IA, NE and NM), the Kerry win was changed to a
Bush win--with enough Electoral Votes in the balance to turn the
Electoral Vote to Bush.

Note: Jonathan Simon ( also did critically important
early work on the exit poll issue, analysing 47 states, and showing
that the exit poll variance from the official "results" was
dramatically larger in the battleground states Bush needed to win--a
statistical impossibility.

The UC Berkeley study:

An impressive statistical team at UC Berkeley headed by Professor
Michael Hout reports that irregularities associated with electronic
voting machines may have awarded 130,000 - 260,000 or more "excess"
votes to Bush in Florida. The study shows an unexplained discrepancy
between votes for Bush in counties where electronic voting machines
were used versus counties using traditional voting methods.
Discrepancies this large or larger rarely arise by chance -- the
probability is less than 0.1 percent. The counties studied included
big Democratic areas (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach). Hout, a
member of the National Academy of Science, called for an
investigation. (This study was recently endorsed by MIT scientists
who also called for an investigation.)

* The 4 states in the Freeman study whose result changed from Kerry
(exit poll) to Bush (electronic vote tabulation) don't begin to
exhaust the number of states where serious voting anomalies are
turning up (in addition to FLA, there are inexplicable numbers in
North Carolina, Ohio, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Iowa, New Mexico,
Indiana--at least). Also, if phantom votes or flipped votes in large
numbers occurred as a pattern nationwide--as the Berkeley study
showed in FLA--the popular vote (Bush by about 3.5 million) could
also be wrong enough to overturn the election.

* Examples: Another statistician has found an improbable 15% margin
for Bush in North Carolina--amidst large, inexplicable discrepancies
between the absentee ballot vote (30% of the vote) and the electronic
vote, and between the vote for President and lower offices. Another:
29 Dem counties in FLA, one with 88% Dem registration, producing
landslides for Bush. Another: more votes than voters (Ohio, 93,000;
Nebraska, 10,000). And there is much more. (In one Ohio precinct,
600 voters, 4,000 votes for Bush.) Evidence all over of inexplicable
numbers. What the statisticians are doing--critically important--is
sorting out the probabilities of widespread innocent error always
favoring Bush (not possible.)


Over 30,000 complaints of vote suppression and difficulties in voting
were lodged with the Election Incident Reporting Service (EIRS);
57,000 complaints were sent to Congress; and "265 specific
complaints" were listed at the web site. There have
already been big hearings in Ohio, and the testimony is
heart-breaking and infuriating.

Most egregious, the Republican efforts to prevent black votes,
including black precincts being shorted on precinct places or number
of voting machines--resulting in a 30 mile drive to vote, or 10 hour
voting lines, and black voters arriving at the precinct they'd voted
in all their lives, to be told it's the wrong precinct, then given
wrong or no information on where to vote, and many other kinds of
harassment and unlawful behavior.

In addition, touchstone voting screens that changed a Kerry vote to a
Bush vote--all day long, without corrective measures. 60,000
absentee ballots "lost in the mail" just before election day.
Numerous duly registered Democrats, minorities and students unfairly
challenged at the voting place, sending their votes into
"provisional" ballot limbo. New rules invented by Republican
Secretaries of State--you have to register on 80 lb. paper; you have
to have written your birthdate on your "provisional" ballot; you
can't vote anywhere in the county anymore, only at your newly
assigned precinct (the location of which we may or may not give you).
Electronic machines with a pre-set limit on the number votes, that
started counting backwards, and deducting votes when the limit was
reached (thousands of votes lost). Republican operatives in Nevada
and Oregon pretending to be a non-partisan voter registration group,
then throwing Democratic voter registration forms away. Machines
that reached pre-set vote limits, and then started counting
backwards, deleting thousands of votes. And on and on and on.

As I said, the evidence of election fraud is overwhelming. And
virtually all of the weird, inexplicable and impossible numbers from
electronic voting favored Bush and hurt Kerry. And virtually all vote
suppression was against Democrats, minorities and students.

To sort all this out, a working hypothesis on the overall picture of
2004 election fraud is helpful. Here's mine--most of which occurred
to me around midnight on Nov. 2. The context: Kerry was winning,
according to pre-election opinion poll analysis and election day exit
polls (after a huge, unprecedented "get out the vote" campaign
featuring Bruce Springsteen and Michael Moore, and many thousands of
volunteers). So, if you had control of all the vote tabulation
machines, and no paper trail (and no conscience), and you wanted to
manufacture a Bush win, you would:

1) Tweak several of the "red" states that were threatening to turn
"blue" at the time of the election, toward Bush, to keep Bush
competitive in the Electoral Vote.

2) Grab %'s here and there, all over the map, wherever detection had
been minimized (f.i., no paper trail), to manufacture a popular
majority for Bush--not huge, just enough--even in big Kerry states
where "excess" Bush votes might not be noticed (or in big Kerry
counties--as the Berkeley study showed!);

3) Make it all come down to Ohio (or FLA), where a lot of prep was
done in vote suppression, to keep it close, and where it now SEEMS to
all turn on a relatively few "provisional" ballots in OH, with a
highly partisan Republican Secretary of State to judge their
validity--whereas the main fraud actually occurred way back upstream,

4) (Unknown to me, or any observer, on Election Night) Get your
friends at CNN and Fox News to start mixing your electronic vote data
into the Exit Poll data, to hide the big Kerry numbers in the Exit
Poll data, and make it appear that Bush was winning late in the day.

All the evidence so far has confirmed this working hypothesis.


People think of CIA "black ops" and a vast conspiracy. To hack a
Diebold voting machine is as easy as pie (one hacker, a couple of
minutes). As demonstrated for Keith Olberman on Countdown (MSNBC), by
Chuck Herrin at (a computer expert, hacker and
remorseful Republican), as Johns Hopkins concluded, and as repeatedly
demonstrated and described by Bev Harris, these machines are
extremely insecure. (The source code runs on Windows--a good laugh
for techies. Notoriously unreliable, hackable, buggy, crash-prone,
inferior software.)

A hair-raising Johns Hopkins study of our electronic voting system,
prior to the election, rips into the Diebold electronic voting
system, exposing the vulnerability of "smartcards" which are needed
for each vote (easily duplicated by a 15 year old in a garage), the
highly insecure language of the code (C++), and the ease with which
anyone--a poll worker, a janitor--could access and alter voting
results leaving no trace.

Means. Motive. Opportunity. You begin to get the picture. (Why
would these Bush supporters and pro-Bush voting machine companies
insist on no paper trail?)


I'm not sure. A Republican-owned, extremely fraud-prone voting
system that will vote Democrats out of office forevermore? Go
figure. You'd think they would've burned down the Capitol to get
this changed.

Here's my gut feeling: Some porkbarrel (funneling federal election
funds to the states). Some corruption (Diebold spent zillions wining
and dining election officials.) But mostly, a catastrophic failure
of leadership. When you look at the numerous of articles and reports
on the dangers of e-voting over the last several years, you can't
imagine that the Democrats didn't know. And I guess they were just
too busy to give a damn about our right to vote, the future of the
Republic, and their own ability to actually get elected (have us vote
for them, get our votes counted). It's very strange.

The Democratic Party leadership owes an apology--to all those voters
who stood in lines for 12 hours to vote for them, and to all of us
fabulous grass roots democracy workers who gave them a smashing
victory, if the truth were known. And the Democrats CAN redeem
themselves if they would just step up to the plate and help us NOW to
challenge this election! If they don't, forget them! Let's form a
new party!


* Write letters/emails and call Congressional reps, state election
officials, and the mainstream news media, and rake them over the
coals (or praise them, if they're doing their jobs to your
satisfaction). (Praise is impoortant, where warranted.)

* Groups that need our immediate financial support (and volunteers):

Bev Harris: (or donations to: Black Box
Voting, PO Box 25552, Seattle, WA 98165)

The Green Party and the Cobb campaign (donations, volunteers):

John B. Kenney (hunger strike-donations):

Alliance for Democracy (action resource!):

MORE INFORMATION It's all over the web--here's for starters:

on-going investigation, info on e-voting:

many articles:

Diebold hacking demonstration:

an amazing list of Election Fraud '04 articles:

excellent archive:

a really good explanation of the '04 exit poll thing--very

detailed info, analysis, discussion of everything - takes patience -
see 2004 Election forum:

The Freeman report:
Freeman report update:

The Jonathan Simon-Alastair Thompson Report

The Berkeley report: scroll down to
"Voting": "The Effects of Electronic Voting Machines..."

04 Election in Ohio:

a great general resource:

Some other good sites:,,,,,,

Also, for inspiration - "Granny D"--a fabulous 94 year old woman who
ran for Senate in NH:

Info Media: Randi Rhodes, Janeane Garofola, Sam Seder and Mike
Malloy of Air America (
Keith Olberman (MSNBC-Countdown). And some interesting Olberman
reportage posted at:


In my opinion, we are one minute to midnight as to losing our
democracy. I figure we've already gone beyond Germany 1933, to
Germany 1934--the consolidation of all state power. The fascists now
own the presidency, the Congress, the courts, the media, AND the
election system.

It is easy to get scared--or worse, to bury your head in the sand.
The day after the Election, there were 100,000 hits on the Canadian
immigration site. That's one solution, I guess. On the other hand,
our children and the entire world are counting on us to restore
democracy in the U.S., especially to stop Bush Inc.'s madness in the
Middle East, and also impending federal bankruptcy. We are the only
ones who can do it. The rest of the world is far more aware than
many American citizens of how fraudulent this election was, and how
close the parallel is to Germany 1933-34. In Europe, they've lived
it. And they are pulling for us.

We were born to--or consciously chose--the great heritage of American
democracy. It has fallen to us to try to save it, in what looks to
be its final hour. It is a time for clarity, unity and focused
action. I think it's panic-inducing to try to address the million
issues raised by Bush Inc. actions and policy, and a delusion to
think that the Left can influence them or can re-gain power, after
what they've pulled in this election. Our right to vote is first and
fundamental, and we must salvage it--by trying to overturn this
election; and by focused, state by state efforts to achieve, a) paper
trail; b) open source code (Congress isn't going to do this!). But
it's not up to you or me alone. It's a collective burden. So don't
let yourself get depressed or feeling powerless. Take care of
yourself; help create a sustainable local economy; think creatively
of other important ways of collective action (there is a corporate
news media product boycott in the works, for instance). And make
time to write that letter, send that donation, spread the word--and
do more if we can. Together, we shall overcome.

Mary Pjerrou
November 24, 2004
Elk, CA

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